Play-by-Play: Men's qualification at the 2019 European Championships - Subdivision 1

Men’s All-around standings after subdivision 1 of 3.

Men’s All-around standings after subdivision 1 of 3.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 1: Here we go! The men will compete in three subdivisions today, the women in four tomorrow.

Ludovico Edalli, (ITA), FX: Half in half out, tucked, steps back. 1.5 to front 1/1. Double full. 2.5 twist.

Petrix Barbosa (POR), VT: Roche, low landing and may have touched his bottom to the mat, but has strong quads and muscles it so it looks like it was just low.

Filip Ude (CRO), PB: Cleanly through. Front straddle somie. But of a stumble forward on double pike dismount.

Toma Modoianu-Zseder (ROU), HB: Kolman, not even close. The rest was clean.

Nicolo Mozzato (ITA), FX: 2018 Junior European champ shows good double double tuck to open. Front 2/1 to front tuck full. 2.5 to front 1/1 with a hop forward. Double full. Stuck 3/1 to end. Very good routine. Promising for Italy.

Rick Jacobs (NED), SR: Picks up some big swing halfway through. Double double tuck to his hands and knees.

Milad Agharzayev (AZE), VT: Fall on a DTY, I believe. A fall, in any case.

Roman Kulesza (POL), HB: Big moment for the local hero, a 2012 Olympians. Good sladerwork to begin. Tak half, not bad at all. Layout Tkatchev. Tkatchev. Tkatchev half. Inverts full spin, stalder. Double double layout. Impressive! Great start for him.

Artur Davtyan (ARM), VT: Gorgeous Dragulescu, just danced around a bit on the landing. Goes back down the runway and sits down while waiting for the judges to deliberate. '“I guess he’s tired,” Luba comments. Second vault is a Tsuk triple, and wow he nearly flies off the podium he’s so off to the side. Goes off the mat as his coach shrieks in agony. We could hear it in the press gallery. Hmmmm. 14.316 average.

Michael Sorokine (ISR), SR: Falls on 1.5 twisting double tuck dismount. A shame!

Robert Kirmes (FIN), FX: All the standard stuff we see on men’s floor these days, but done with remarkably clean execution. Fun fact: his father was a Soviet Olympian in gymnastics, and his mom competed for Sweden. 13.933.

Emil Soravuo (FIN), FX: Wonderful double double tuck, kicks out, stuck. Front 1/1 to front 2/1, stuck. 2.5 to Rudi. The Finnish delegation is here in force and cheering him on in the stands. Front layout, front half. Playing it safe, perhaps, trying to get into the final. Sticks his 3/1 and lets a cry of triumph escape. Soravuo has been making some noise on the world cup circuit already this year, and he wants to be in finals. 14.366.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 2:

Filip Ude (CRO), HB: Tkatchev Tkatchav half. Stalder. Inverted stalders. Endo. All very textbook. Sticks his full twisting double layout dismount. Nice routine for the 2008 Olympic silver medalist on pommel horse. 13.333.

Bernardo Almeida (POR), PB: Beautiful work. Don’t know if he does anything distinctive enough to get him into the final, but a clean, nice routine.

Rokas Guscinas (LTU), HB: Yama with half twist. Tkatchev to Gienger. One armed giant. Yama. Front stalder, front stalder half. Underrotates his full twisting double layout and has to step forward and put a hand down.

Michel Bletterman (NED), VT: Tsuk double full, big step to the side.

Tin Srbic (CRO), HB: Tkatchev to layout TKatchev to Tkatchev half, well done. Tak half. Tkatchev half. Tak full. Front stalder. Stalder. Full twisting double layout with a hop forward. A strong routine that doesn’t put the final in doubt for him. Some questionable angles on the Tak skills, however, and he’ll want to erase the hop on his dismount, but a good routine. 14.5.

Rick Jacobs (NED), VT: Fall on otherwise nice DTY.

Andrey Medvedev (ISR), VT: Does a back tuck on the podium before going. Is that allowed? Very nice Tsuk double pike in any case, nearly stuck, great in the air. He created a sensation with his vaulting in podium training, and that’s the nicest and hardest skill we’ve seen done so far. 14.633. Second vault is gorgeous handspring double front pike. GORGEOUS. FINAL! 14.533 average.

Artur Davtyan (ARM), PB: Sticks his double pike dismount cold, in any case.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), PH: Very nice routine. Cleanly through. 13.366.

Michael Sorokine (ISR), VT: Tsuk double full with a step to the side. 13.733.

Harald Wybye (NOR), VT: Tsuk double full, and a rare stick on men’s vault. Merits a high five from the coach. 13.866.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 3:

Nikolaos Kranitis (GRE), FX: Beautiful 2.5 to Rudi in the air, small symble on landing. Double double tuck, step forward, slight underrotation. Full in tuck, steps back and OOB. Triple full with a step back to end. This guy has exceptional presentation and unusually efficient twisting, but too many hops and stumbles on his landing will keep him from finaling here. 12.9.

Bernardo Almeida (POR), HB: Runs forward out of his dismount. 12.1.

Christoforos Konstantinidis (GRE), FX: Front 2/1 to front layout half, well done. Front 1/1 to double front, nice. Good cranked double double tuck, stuck. 1.5 to Rudi. Double full. Full in tuck, stuck, fist pumps. Both Greeks very impressive on floor, though this was the better routine of the two today. 14.3.

Artur Davtyan (ARM), HB: Yama. Stalder blind. Tak to Endo. Stalder. Double double tuck with a hop forward. Not really his event, this.

Luka van den Keybus (BEL), VT: Nice DTY. 13.7.

Filip Ude (CRO), FX: Gets through his whole routine and then slips on his final pass, a 2.5 and puts his hand down. 12.8.

Murad Agharzayev (AZE), HB: Has to stop after some kind of inverted skill goes wrong. Full twisting double layout with a hop. 10.733.

Aurel Benovic (CRO), FX: Handspring double front pike half out. Front 2/1 to layout 1/1. 2.5 to Rudi, small hop. Randi, not a lot of height, step to the side. Arabian double front with a step back. Too little power on his triple full to end, only gets 2.75 around and puts his hands down.

Petrix Barbosa (BRA), HB: Tkatchev, Tkatchav half in combination. Layout Tkatchev half. Nice Tak full. Stalder. Full twisting double layout with a hop. 12.0.

Nicolo Mozzato (ITA), SR: Very nice set, with piked to tucked Yamawakis, and double front pike dismount, which he sticks. 12.666.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), SR: Basically a carbon copy of Mozzato’s routine, also with stuck front double pike.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 4:

Artur Davtyan (ARM), FX: Sweet routine with Front 2/1 to front 1/1, Arabian double front half out, triple twist dismount with a step back. 13.733.

Robert Seligman (CRO), PH: Clean set. No real dismount, but clean all the same. 13.966.

Filip Ude (CRO), PH: Starts very well, calm, clean work. Legs apart on his traveling Russians as always, but he takes the deduction and moves on. Struggle up to his full pirouette dismount, but he msucles as well as he can. A duduction as well, but overall a well presented routine, and you have to have respect for how hard his work is and how he tries to make it look easy.

Luca van den Keybus (BEL), PB: Peach. Tippelt. Front Diamidov. Diamidov. Diamadov with an extra spin, very nice. Stuck double pike dismount. 11.633.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), VT: Tsuk double full. 13.333.

Nicolo Mozzato (ITA), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a hop. 14.3.

Dzianis Sanuvonh (BLR), VT: Roche, very well done!

Petrix Barbosa (POR), FX: Sits down his first pass. Sits his last pass (2.5 twist) as well, poor guy.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 5:

Pavel Gulidov (ISR), FX: Front 2.1 to front 1/1, small steps. 2.5 to front half. Front double tuck, small hop. 1.5 to front layout half. 3/1 with a step to end.

Dusan Dordevic (SRB), HB: Finishes his high bar dismount on one knee. Walks off wincing and grabbing his hand a bit.

Eeli Mikkola (FIN), PB: Front flip. Peach. Does a handstand pushup afterward trying to hold the handstand. Uprise to double front tuck.

Joao Fuglsig (DEN), VT: First vault was something that landed facing forward — Tsuk 2.5 or potentially a Shewfelt, just a small hop. Great handspring double front second effort, another tiny hop. Cue the celebation in the Danish corner. 14.199 puts him third so far.

Robert Kirmes (FIN), PB: One big leg separation in a handstand in the routine, then falls on his double front dismount. Poor guy looks crushed. You had a great floor, Robert — hold on to that. 10.666.

Robert Ghiuzan (ROU), VT: A Roche that could not be more cowboyed, followed by a Tsuk double full, a bit awkward in the air.

Nicolo Mozzato (ITA), PB: Sweet set, well presented. The whole Italian team has wonderfully artistic gymnastics and isn’t recognized enough for it. Double front half out dismount.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), PB: Beautiful set for the 2010 Youth Olympic bronze medalist on this event — and then falls back and sits his double pike dismount. That was really too bad. Edalli is taking it with good grace, shaking his head ruefully. 13.633.

Lukas Borkowski (POL), VT: Roche in which his seat hits before his feet, IMO. Then Tsuk 2.5 in which basically the same thing happens. He looks thrilled nonetheless.

Rick Jacobs (NED), FX: He was highly impressive in training…double double tuck, tiny hop. Front half to Randi, step to the side. Sticks third pass. Double full. Triple full to end, runs out of it and out of bounds. Lovely form, shame about the last pass. 11.866.

Artur Davtyan (ARM), PH: Some form here and there, basically piking his body in his circles, but gets through it without a fall. 13.666.

Michel Bletterman (NED), FX: Double front tuck. Roundoff, half in half out, step back. 2.5 to front tuck full. Russians. Double full. Arabian double front with a step forward. Triple full with a shuffle back. Good for him — one of the better floor routines we’ve seen this weekend.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 6:

Filip Ude (CRO), VT: Tsuk double full with a step forward. 13.433.

Luka van dne Keybus (BEL), FX: Wonderful height on his double front half out, wonderful height. Front 2/1 to front half. 2.5 to front 1/1, stuck. 1.5 to Rudi and finally a little hop forward. Double full, same thing. Sneaks his triple full around to end due to his strong and flexible Achilles. Claps his hands, delighted with that routine.

Lukas Borkowski (POL), PB: Clean set with double front dismount. Lukas is grinning widely and slapping hands with everyone he’s been rotating with all day.

Niccolo Mozzato (ITA), HB: Simply the highest Tkatchev half you’ll ever see. Floated. Great double double layout, stuck, and there’s an explosion of joy from the Italian corner. Brava! 14.133. Maybe a final!

Roman Kulesza (POL), PB: Bhavsar, Tippelt, inside Diamidov, etc. Double pike dismount. Roman says he works out two hours per day, works as a coordinator at his gym here in Szczecin the rest of the time. His last major international competition (besides the warmup he did at the Doha World Cup a few weeks ago)? The 2015 European Games. 12.833.

Dzianis Sanuvonh (BLR), HB: Awesome triple back dismount but falls on it. The Belarusians from what I’ve seen have been impressive so far here — the typical eastern European form, which is always a pleasure to watch, and intriguing skills. 12.2.

Robert Kirmes (FIN), HB: A long wait for him on the podium while the judges decide Sanuvonh’s fate. One armed giant. Tkatchev. Stalder. Blind. Front stalder. Full spin. Everything super clean. Terrific triple back somersault with just a small hop forward. Good way for him to end his day.

Michael Sorokine (ISR), PH: Off on a Russian travel — legs hit the horse.

Apparatus leaders after subdivision 1 of 3:

- Floor: Emil Soravuo (FIN), 14.366
- Pommel: Robert Seligman (CRO), 13.966
- Rings: Artur Avetisyan (ARM), 14.266
- Vault: Andrey Medvedev (ISR), 14.533
- P-Bars: Artur Davtyan (ARM), 13.633
- High Bar: Tin Srbic (CRO), 14.500

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