Play-by-Play: Men's qualifications at the 2019 European Championships, Subdivision 3

Men's AA after 3.JPG

Rotation 1: The heaviest hitters, namely world champion Artur Dalaloyan and Nikita Nagornyy of Russia, are now on the floor. Here we go!

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), FX: Front 2/1 to Randi, nice. Front layout to double front pike half out, stuck. Double doubl etuck, small hop. 2.5 to front 2/1, hop. 1.5 to Rudi. Love his attention to detail as well. Triple full, hop back. Claps his hands as he walks off. One done. 14.966.

Brinn Bevan (GBR), HB: Tak half, a tad overcooked, swings a little to the side. Kovacs, nice. Kolman, also good. Endos. Stalder. Hop full. Drills the double double layout into the ground. Nice stick for the 2018 British champion to begin his day.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), HB: Triple back, bounces out of bounds though with both feet I think. Double front pike half out, small hop back. Front 2/1 to double front. 2.5 to front 1/1 to front layout half. Double double tuck side pass, steps back and out of bounds again. Full out tucked last pass, making it look easy. Well, he won’t be pleased with the out of bounds, but lots of really hard gymnastics in that routine. 14.566. No floor final for him — Dalaloyan and Lankin are ahead of him.

Max Whitlock (GBR), HB: Yama. Hop 1.5. Endo. Stalder. Hop full. Quite meticulous work so far. Double double layout, ooh, has to take two big steps back to keep it on his feet. Welcome back to high bar, Max.

Alexander Shatilov (ISR)< HB: Kovacs. Tkatchev half. Tak half. Stalder. Full twisting double layout. 13.7.

Rayderley Zapata (ESP), FX: The man with the highest hurdles in gymnastics opens with a 1.5 to front double pike. Double front pike half out, stuck. Double front tuck half out, stuck again. Arabian double front half out. Stylish — middle splits to press hadnstand. 2.5 to front layout 1/1. The Spanish are coming alive. Pulls around his double layout to end. That is very worthy of a final. He’ll get it, too — 14.7.

Lukas Dauser (GER), PH: Hit routine for one of Germany’s sleekest gymnasts after an 8.933 disaster from teammate Felix Remuta just before him. This score will be considerably better.

Rotation 2:

Dominick Cunningham (GBR), FX: The 2018 European floor champ shows a stuck double double layout to beghin. Double front half out, terrific. 1.5 to front 2/1, no trouble. Double double tuck, small hop. 2.5 to Rudi side pass. Triple full, nearly stuck, tiny hop back. Impressive routine.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), PH: Powered through a clean set. 14.1.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), PH: Ditto. 14.066.

Casimir Schmidt (NED), VT: Very good Tsuk 2.5, just a small hop on landing.

Artem Dolgopyat (ISR), FX: Front double tuck with 1.5 twists, stuck. Front 1/1 to Randi. Double double tuck, great landing. 2.5 to front 2/1. 1.5 to Rudi, stuck. He’s cleaned up well on this event. Arabian double front half out, floats to the ground for another stuck landing. Final! 15.366 — lead!

Nick Klessing (GER), SR: Great routine until he overcooks his triple back dismount and sits down.

Alexander Shatilov (ISR), FX: : 2.5 to front 2/1. Double double tuck, stuck. 1.5 to front 1/1 to Rudi. Double full, stuck. Russians. Good full in to end. Maybe two finals for Israel on floor! Alexander claps after his final pass.

Oliver Hegi (SUI) has made some sort of mistake on high bar and will not defend his European title on this event.

Marios Georgiou (CYP), FX: Double double tuck. Front layout to front 2/1, really nice stick. 2.5 to Rudi. Double full. Stuck triple full. A very nice routine, though given what else we’ve seen on floor today it’s unlikely to make finals.

Rotation 3:

Brinn Bevan (GBR), PH: Hit routine! Good Busnari, flairs, pirouetting dismount. Hit routine for Brinn.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), SR: Maltese, quite good. Iron cross. Piked Yama, tucked Yama, roll to cross. Pull to planche. Full twisting double layout, basically stuck. Great stuff. 14.566.

Max Whitlock (GBR), PH: Scissor to handstand, circles, Russians on a pommel, Busnari, traveling flairs, Magyar, traveling Russian across the horse. Russians on the end. pirouetting dismount. It’s like, every hard thing you can do on pommel horse, done one after the other. Respect. 15.033 takes him into the lead.

Casimir Schmidt (NED), PB: Solid set with double front dismount, small hop. 13.366.

Epke Zonderland (NED), PB: Diamidov with extra spin, inside Diamadov. Front somie catch with his hands. Double pike with a small hop back. 14.366. That’s good for seventh, so he might squeak into the final.

Nick Klessing (GER), VT: Roche with a huge step forward.

Out of the corner of my eye, caught a stuck double front from newcomer Mustafa Arca of Turkey. Every country has their pet event — the British have pommel, the Russians have floor, the Americans like high bar. Turkey’s is definitely p-bars.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), SR: Maltese, excellent — so good he does it twice. Iron cross. Piked Yama, tucked Yama, roll to cross. Planche. Double double tuck, stuck. Great routine there too.

Felix Remuta (GER), VT: Roche with a hop and Tsuk 2.5 with a hop/step.

Petro Pakhniuk (GER), VT: Rolls backward out of his Tsuk double full. Oops.

Benjamin Gischard (SUI), FX: The final gymnast in this rotation has everyone’s attention, and keeps it by sticking most of his tumbling passes. Very nice routine, and he’s delighted with it too, clapping right after he salutes.

Rotation 4:

Andrey Likhovitskiy (BLR), FX: Front 2/1. 1.5 to front 1/1. Roundoff, layout. Double full. 2.5 to end. Everything very clean if not terribly difficult. Likhovitskiy, who lives and trains in Germany, is likely doing this to get an all-around score — that’ll be his ticket to Tokyo come this fall.

Nikita Nagornyy (NED), VT: Jogs into a fantastic Dragulescu, just a small hop. Fantastic. 14.833. Tsuk double pike, also excellent. 14.799 average.

Epke Zonderland (NED), HB: Cassina to Kovacs, nice. Kolman, great. Stalder 1.5. Tak half. Stalder. Hop full for good measure. And stuck double double layout. We’ve seen this routine or a slight variation of it for years now, and what’s stunning is how down to a science he’s got it, and how easy he makes it look. The only guy here combining Kovacs releases, and it puts us on the floor as always. 14.533 moves him into the lead ahead of Tin Sbric.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), VT: Casual Yurchenko triple full with a hop back. As he does. 14.8. Second vault is a casual handspring front double pike, with just a little hop on the landing. 14.866 average. The vault final is going to be wild. If it were possible, Russia could go 1-2-3-4 in Europe on men’s vault.

Marcel Nguyen (GER), PB: Clips one of his feet on a rail on his first element but it doesn’t deter him.

Lukas Dauser (GER), PB: Terrific control on this routine from Germany’s p-bar Picasso. Beautiful work all the way through. Double front half out landed a little low, and he hopped the landing, but the rest was superb. 14.533 is his score following an accepted inquiry.

Courtney Tulloch (GBR), SR: Good interior, step on his full twisting double layout with a hop.

Yahor Sharamkou (BLR), FX: Opens by nearly sticking a triple back tuck, closes by sitting down an Arabian double front. Ah, gymnastics…

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), PB: 15.0 for a smashingly good routine. Moves into second on p-bars at this point.

Cyril Tommasone (FRA), PH: Leg separation on Russians the only flaw in an otherwise hit routine.

Rotation 5:

Casimir Schmidt (NED), FX: Double front half out. Front double pike, stuck. Front 2/1, front 1/1. 2.5 to front layout half. Russians. Roundoff, Arabian double front half out. Triple full, small hop. Casimir’s happy with that. 14.233.

Marcel Nguyen (GER), HB: Tak full. Tak half to Kovacs. Kolman, caught close to the bar and has to kip out of it. One armed giant…double double layout with a small step back. 13.166.

Lukas Dauser (GER), HB: Tak full to Yama. Kovacs. Tkatchev. Hop 1.5. One armed giant. Tak full. Full twisting double layout with a pretty big step forward, alas. Otherwise a nice routine.

Alexander Shatilov (ISR), VT: DTY, hop back.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), PB: Fantastic routine capped with double front pike half out dismount!

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), HB: German giant to stalder. Tkatchev. Tkatchev half. Tak full. Tak half. Hop full. Full twisting double layout with a step.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), PB: 15.133 after a fabulous routine. He takes the lead on this event. His duel with Dalaloyan for the AA title is going to be something else.

The rotation ends with an unfortunate injury to Britain’s Dominick Cunningham on vault on a roundoff, half on, front double full off. Cunningham seemed to get lost in the air, bailed out and landed on a straight leg on the mat. He signaled for help immediately and was assisted on the mat by medics, who eventually wheeled him out on a stretcher.

Rotation 6:

Felix Remuta (GER), FX: Lands double double tuck on his hands and knees. Cool point in his routine is his back pike to prone position. Dismounts with triple full with a large step back. 13.266.

Marcel Nguyen (GER), FX: Double double layout, just a little hop forward. Front double pike half out, a little low. The rest was clean. 14.1.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), HB: Tak full, swings the wrong way, oops. Tak half. Tkatchev. Tkatchev half. One armed giant. Stalder. Double double layout with a hop back. For all their tumbling/vaulting prowess, the Russian guys often swing high bar a bit…gingerly. This was a good routine, but no exception. 13.933.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), HB: Cassina. PIke Kovacs. Layout Tkatchev half. Layout Tkatchev. Endo. Yamawaki. Stalder. Full twisting double layout, stuck. Fantastic day for the world champion! 14.666 puts him first on high bar as well. 87.930 all-around total today.

Krisztofer Meszaros (HUN), FX: At every Euros there’s a young guy who doesn’t look old enough to be a senior, and here in Szczecin, Meszaros is it. Double front, well done. Front 2/1. Randi. 2.5 to front 1/1. Triple full to end. He may be young, but he’s got the skills.

Play-by-Play: Men's qualifications at the 2019 European Championships, Subdivision 2

Men's AA after 2.JPG

Subdivision 2, Rotation 1: Expect big things from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Britain, Turkey and Switzerland as this exciting subdivision unfolds.

Yordan Aleksandrov (BUL), FX: Good double double tuck to open. Front 1/1. Etc. 13.366.

Vahagn Davtyan (ARM), SR: Wonderful positions. Stuck full twisting double layout. 14.766 moves him into first place on this event so far.

Adam Steele (IRL), PB: Super cool little back flip element after a peach to open up his routine. Overcooks his Tippelt, alas. Several steps back on his double front tuck dismount, alas. 11.066.

Eddy Yusof (SUI), SR: 13.666, puts him fifth right now.

Nicola Barolini : Yama. Tkatchev. Blind Front stalderwork. Little bit of a stumble on a turn, just a tiny bit unsure of himself. Good double double layout dismount, tiny hop forward. A nice very clean routine although one with just a Yama as a release is a bit weak. 12.7.

James Hall (GBR), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a step forward. Clean in the air, just the step. 14.366.

Carlo Macchini (ITA), HB: Kolman, well done. Yama. Great full twisting double layout, stuck. Another explosion from the Italians.

Joe Fraser (GBR), VT: Tsuk 2.5, legs a trifle bent in the air, hop forward. Powerful.

Nils Dunkel (GER), VT: Tsuk double full. Again a little bit of leg form and a step on the landing. 13.733.

Andreas Toba (GER), VT: Tsuk 2.5, well done.

Vladyslav Hrynevych, (UKR), PH: Stops after his first element but doesn’t fall. Does fall later on, however.

Oleg Verniaiev (UKR), PH: Scissor to handstand. Circles. Good Busnari. Circles on one pommel. Little leg separation but nothing seriousl. Again on the Russian travels but he stays on. Good finish. Hit routine, more or less. 14.1. Amazing considering what he’s been through to get here.

Jonathan Vrolix (BEL), FX: Front double pike, hops forward and out of bounds. Terrific stuff otherwise, just textbook. Sticks his Arabian double front dismount. A final seems questionable given the first pass, but maybe because everything else was great he will make it after all. 14.3 puts him second right now…

Vladyslav Polyashov (RUS), PB: Solid and smooth routine with a bit of everything. Terrific front straddle somie toward the end, lots of height. Front double tuck half twist dismount, stuck. One of the best things seen all day. Demonstrated real mastery all the way through.

Dmitry Lankin (RUS), PB: Falls on…a half turn? Oops. 13.533.

Loris Frasca (FRA), FX: Front 1/1 to Randi. 2.5 to front 2/1, a little short and takes a step to the side. Great flairs sequence, something a lot of the guys don’t do on floor anymore. Double front. 1.5 to Rudi, windmills his arms several times to hang on for the stick. 3/1 to end with a hop. Not bad at all overall.

Andreas Toba (GER), PB: Beautiful routine from the German veteran. Diamidov skills, including a one and a quarter pirouette onto one bar, are the highlight.

Rotation 2:

Marian Dragulescu (ROU), VT: His namesake vault, awesome as always, just a step back on the landing. The only place where Dragu kind of shows his age is that he’s no longer the sticking machine he once was, even on this vault, which he’s done thousands of times, over no less than 20 years. 14.6. Second vault is a roundoff, half on, front double full off and falls. 13.95. Well darn.

Some Dragulescu perspective: some of the men's gymnasts competing here were born in 2000, the year Dragulescu competed at his first Euros. Respect.

Eddy Yusof (SUI), VT: Makes his Tsuk double pike, step forward. Nice job as he had some problems with it in podium training the other day.

Fabulous floor set from Nicola Bartolini (ITA). His attention to detail is superb. Everything was wonderfully done (and stuck). He also does an unusual thing in a pretty press handstand combination. Beautifully stuck triple full to end. 14.466 takes the lead on floor, and deservedly so.

Christian Baumann (SUI), VT: DTY, hop back. Not bad at all.

Igor Radivilov (UKR), SR: Smooth, excellent routine.

David Vecsernyes (HUN), HB: Notable for his dismount, a full twisting double layout over the bar. Looks like a Cassina attempt, but is actually a dismount.

James Hall (GBR), PB: Peach. Two Gienger skills. Inside Diamidov. Stutz. Falls on uprise double front dismount. Shouldn’t keep him out of the AA final, however.

Vladyslav Polyashov (RUS), HB: Does a Yamawaki off the top of his routine and splits his legs, which makes everyone go, “Did he mean to do that?” He does another actual Yama later in the routine, either to make up for the first one or…maybe he’s trying to do the straddle as some sort of original skill? Hard to say. 13.533.

Ahmet Onder (TUR), VT: Dragulescu to his hands and knees. Awww.

Ivan Stretovich (RUS), HB: One armed giant. Great Tak full to Yama — we see so many of those that when one is really well done as his is, it stands out. Tucked Kovacs. Tak half. Layout Tkatchev. Tkatchev to Tkatchev half. Double double layout with a small hop. His first international competition since Rio.

Rotation 3:

Eddy Yusof (SUI), PB: Strong routine with a lot of diverse elements. Double pike is landed a little low and results in a step forward but otherwise it was very good. 13.666.

James Hall (GBR), HB: Cassina. Kovacs. Kolman. Yama. Tak full. Tak half. Hop full. Double double layout, small hop forward. Kovacs master. 14.2 puts him fourth so far.

Igor Radivilov (UKR), VT: Amazing Dragulescu, just a tiny hop on landing. That’s what comes of training a handspring front triple — two with a half twist becomes easy. 14.833. Second vault: Tsuk double pike, shuffle back but otherwise great. Igor’s happy with it, pumps his fists. Final for sure.

Cassina. Kolman, well caught. One armed giant. Tak full. Front stalders. Double double layout with both twists done on the second flip, unusual.

Ivan Stretovich (RUS), FX: Double front tuck half out, stuck. Double double tuck, tiny movement on landing. Front 2/1 to front full. 2.5 to Rudi with sizeable hop back. 1.5 to front layout half side pass. Triple full to end, small hop. Very nice. 14.433.

Didn’t see it, but Ferhat Arican of Turkey got 15.033 on parallel bars to move into the lead. Teammate Ahmet Onder follows up with a 14.866 to move into second at this point. Turkey = p-bars team.

Dmitry Lankin (RUS), FX: HUGE triple back to open, hop back. Incredible. 2.5 to front layout 1/1. Quad full. 2.5 to front 2/1. Front layout to Rudi. Triple full to end, tiny little hop. Awesome. 14.6 moves him ahead of Italy’s Nicola Bartolini for the lead on this event, and beautiful as Bartolini was, this was deserved.

Filip Sasnal (POL), HB: Yama. Offline on his hop 1.5 and does a couple crooked giants. Gets in trouble later in the routine and has to hop off. Sticks his double double layout dismount, though.

Konstantin Kuzovkov (GEO), FX: Beautiful opening stuck double layout. 2.5 to front layout half, small hop. Front 1/1 to front 2/1, cross step tp the side. Double full. Ooh, nearly collapses on his press handstand however. Triple full with chest low.

Rotation 4:

Christian Bataga (ROU), B: Yama. Tak half (angle). Tkatchev. Stalder full. Hop 1.5. Hop full. Double double tuck, shoulders too far back, has to take two big steps back to keep it on his feet.

Joe Fraser (GBR), FX: Double double tuck. Front 2/1 to front half. 2.5 to Rudi. Double full. Roundoff, full twisting double tuck, small hop back. Strong routine.

Ivan Stretovich (RUS), PH: One fall. 13.033.

Loris Frasca (FRA), VT: Tsuk triple, just a hop back. Very nice in the air, efficient twist. Second vault is a Dragulescu but he falls! Hmmmm. A few of the guys who you’d expect to be in finals on vault have fallen today, notably Dragulescu. With Frasca doing the same, the final opens up a little — or maybe someone will actually qualify with a fall.

Vladyslav Polyashov (RUS), PH: Hit routine with lots of flairs. Well done. 14.566 moves him into the lead on pommels!

Oleg Verniaiev (UKR), PB: Front somie. Peach half. English handstand, front Diamidov out. Tippelt. Inside Diamaidov. A little shaky on a couple of elements but honestly nothing to really deduct from. Double front half out dismount, small hop. Great routine all things considered. 14.9 puts him second to Arican right now.

Rotation 5:

Eddy Yusof (SUI), FX: Double double tuck, small hop. Front 2/1 to front half. 1.5 to Rudi. Double full. Full in. Nice set.

Joe Fraser (GBR), PH: Hit routine. 13.533.

Christian Baumann (SUI), FX: 2.5 to front layout. Arabian double front. Very nice flairs sequence. 3/1 to end.

Maksym Vasylenko (UKR), HB: Cassina, has to kip out of it. Kolman. Kovacs. Double double layout.

Vladyslav Hrynevych (UKR), HB: One fall.

Antoine Borello (FRA), PB: Hits his foot on a rail on a Diamidov type skill, slowing his momentum, but he doesn’t fall.

James Hall (GBR), PH: Even better hit set. 14.133.

Denis Abliazin (RUS): Pike Yama to planche. Iron cross, done twice. Giant. Double double layout, step forward. The Olympic bronze medalist on this event delivers a good routine when it matters. 14.633 for fifth so far. Final? Wait and see.

Nicola Bartolini (ITA), VT: Tsuk 2.5, very nice in the air but a sizable step on the landing. Does a second vault — DTY? Well landed too.

Ahmet Onder (TUR), FX: Double double layout, very nice! Front 2/1 to front layout half. Double double tuck, stuck. Landed so lightly! 2.5 to front layout 1/1. 1.5 to Rudi, small hop. Onder really has something on floor — good mechanics but also an increasing amount of elegance. Full in, small hop back. Great routine. The men’s floor final is going to be terrific. 14.5 puts him second right now.

Antonois Tantalidis of Greece is having a bad day on high bar — two falls.

Marian Dragulescu (ROU), FX: 1.5 to Randi. 2.5 to front 2/1 to front layout 1/1 — great pass. Double front half out. Double double tuck with a step back. Double full. Triple full with a step forward. And a little airplane move off the floor. Those hops and steps on his landing are going to impact his score, but it’s cool to see him innovating and outdoing everyone else still — watch in a year how everyone is doing 2.5 to front 2/1 to front layout 1/1.

Rotation 6:

Joe Fraser (GBR), SR: Tucked Yama (small struggle maybe?) to piked Yama to planche. Front giant. Double double tuck dismount.

Dmitry Lankin (RUS), VT: Randi, well done. Makes it look easy (it’s not easy.) 14.8. Second vault is a Tsuk 2.5, landed with a step forward.

Loris Frasca (FRA), HB: Tak full to Yama. Really nice Tak full. Stalder. hop full. Blind to front stalders. Tak half. Very smooth on this event. Double double layout, stuck. Nice job!

Denis Abliazin (RUS), VT: Randi, great. Absolutely great. It wasn’t great in podium training, but it’s great now. 14.9. Tsuk double pike, makes it easily, just a step back. Good for him! 14.8 is his final score — and puts him in first place on vault. Well well well.

Fall off the pommel horse for 2016 Armenian Olympian Harutyan Merdinyan, who waited five apparatus to do this routine. So no final for him unless something really strange happens…

Nicola Bartolini (ITA) ends his day on parallel bars with a

After two falls on high bar, Antonois Tantalidis of Greece redeems himself with a very nice floor exercise, including stuck double front side pass. Great landings on almost everything, actually. Only exception is his last pass, a 3/1, where he shows some helicopter legs and takes a step forward. But everything else was terrific.

Marco Sarrugerio (ITA), PB: Another beautiful routine from Italy, capped with a stuck double pike dismount. The Italian team is for real, guys. 14.166 puts him in sixth place on p-bars currently.

Play-by-Play: Men's qualification at the 2019 European Championships - Subdivision 1

Men’s All-around standings after subdivision 1 of 3.

Men’s All-around standings after subdivision 1 of 3.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 1: Here we go! The men will compete in three subdivisions today, the women in four tomorrow.

Ludovico Edalli, (ITA), FX: Half in half out, tucked, steps back. 1.5 to front 1/1. Double full. 2.5 twist.

Petrix Barbosa (POR), VT: Roche, low landing and may have touched his bottom to the mat, but has strong quads and muscles it so it looks like it was just low.

Filip Ude (CRO), PB: Cleanly through. Front straddle somie. But of a stumble forward on double pike dismount.

Toma Modoianu-Zseder (ROU), HB: Kolman, not even close. The rest was clean.

Nicolo Mozzato (ITA), FX: 2018 Junior European champ shows good double double tuck to open. Front 2/1 to front tuck full. 2.5 to front 1/1 with a hop forward. Double full. Stuck 3/1 to end. Very good routine. Promising for Italy.

Rick Jacobs (NED), SR: Picks up some big swing halfway through. Double double tuck to his hands and knees.

Milad Agharzayev (AZE), VT: Fall on a DTY, I believe. A fall, in any case.

Roman Kulesza (POL), HB: Big moment for the local hero, a 2012 Olympians. Good sladerwork to begin. Tak half, not bad at all. Layout Tkatchev. Tkatchev. Tkatchev half. Inverts full spin, stalder. Double double layout. Impressive! Great start for him.

Artur Davtyan (ARM), VT: Gorgeous Dragulescu, just danced around a bit on the landing. Goes back down the runway and sits down while waiting for the judges to deliberate. '“I guess he’s tired,” Luba comments. Second vault is a Tsuk triple, and wow he nearly flies off the podium he’s so off to the side. Goes off the mat as his coach shrieks in agony. We could hear it in the press gallery. Hmmmm. 14.316 average.

Michael Sorokine (ISR), SR: Falls on 1.5 twisting double tuck dismount. A shame!

Robert Kirmes (FIN), FX: All the standard stuff we see on men’s floor these days, but done with remarkably clean execution. Fun fact: his father was a Soviet Olympian in gymnastics, and his mom competed for Sweden. 13.933.

Emil Soravuo (FIN), FX: Wonderful double double tuck, kicks out, stuck. Front 1/1 to front 2/1, stuck. 2.5 to Rudi. The Finnish delegation is here in force and cheering him on in the stands. Front layout, front half. Playing it safe, perhaps, trying to get into the final. Sticks his 3/1 and lets a cry of triumph escape. Soravuo has been making some noise on the world cup circuit already this year, and he wants to be in finals. 14.366.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 2:

Filip Ude (CRO), HB: Tkatchev Tkatchav half. Stalder. Inverted stalders. Endo. All very textbook. Sticks his full twisting double layout dismount. Nice routine for the 2008 Olympic silver medalist on pommel horse. 13.333.

Bernardo Almeida (POR), PB: Beautiful work. Don’t know if he does anything distinctive enough to get him into the final, but a clean, nice routine.

Rokas Guscinas (LTU), HB: Yama with half twist. Tkatchev to Gienger. One armed giant. Yama. Front stalder, front stalder half. Underrotates his full twisting double layout and has to step forward and put a hand down.

Michel Bletterman (NED), VT: Tsuk double full, big step to the side.

Tin Srbic (CRO), HB: Tkatchev to layout TKatchev to Tkatchev half, well done. Tak half. Tkatchev half. Tak full. Front stalder. Stalder. Full twisting double layout with a hop forward. A strong routine that doesn’t put the final in doubt for him. Some questionable angles on the Tak skills, however, and he’ll want to erase the hop on his dismount, but a good routine. 14.5.

Rick Jacobs (NED), VT: Fall on otherwise nice DTY.

Andrey Medvedev (ISR), VT: Does a back tuck on the podium before going. Is that allowed? Very nice Tsuk double pike in any case, nearly stuck, great in the air. He created a sensation with his vaulting in podium training, and that’s the nicest and hardest skill we’ve seen done so far. 14.633. Second vault is gorgeous handspring double front pike. GORGEOUS. FINAL! 14.533 average.

Artur Davtyan (ARM), PB: Sticks his double pike dismount cold, in any case.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), PH: Very nice routine. Cleanly through. 13.366.

Michael Sorokine (ISR), VT: Tsuk double full with a step to the side. 13.733.

Harald Wybye (NOR), VT: Tsuk double full, and a rare stick on men’s vault. Merits a high five from the coach. 13.866.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 3:

Nikolaos Kranitis (GRE), FX: Beautiful 2.5 to Rudi in the air, small symble on landing. Double double tuck, step forward, slight underrotation. Full in tuck, steps back and OOB. Triple full with a step back to end. This guy has exceptional presentation and unusually efficient twisting, but too many hops and stumbles on his landing will keep him from finaling here. 12.9.

Bernardo Almeida (POR), HB: Runs forward out of his dismount. 12.1.

Christoforos Konstantinidis (GRE), FX: Front 2/1 to front layout half, well done. Front 1/1 to double front, nice. Good cranked double double tuck, stuck. 1.5 to Rudi. Double full. Full in tuck, stuck, fist pumps. Both Greeks very impressive on floor, though this was the better routine of the two today. 14.3.

Artur Davtyan (ARM), HB: Yama. Stalder blind. Tak to Endo. Stalder. Double double tuck with a hop forward. Not really his event, this.

Luka van den Keybus (BEL), VT: Nice DTY. 13.7.

Filip Ude (CRO), FX: Gets through his whole routine and then slips on his final pass, a 2.5 and puts his hand down. 12.8.

Murad Agharzayev (AZE), HB: Has to stop after some kind of inverted skill goes wrong. Full twisting double layout with a hop. 10.733.

Aurel Benovic (CRO), FX: Handspring double front pike half out. Front 2/1 to layout 1/1. 2.5 to Rudi, small hop. Randi, not a lot of height, step to the side. Arabian double front with a step back. Too little power on his triple full to end, only gets 2.75 around and puts his hands down.

Petrix Barbosa (BRA), HB: Tkatchev, Tkatchav half in combination. Layout Tkatchev half. Nice Tak full. Stalder. Full twisting double layout with a hop. 12.0.

Nicolo Mozzato (ITA), SR: Very nice set, with piked to tucked Yamawakis, and double front pike dismount, which he sticks. 12.666.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), SR: Basically a carbon copy of Mozzato’s routine, also with stuck front double pike.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 4:

Artur Davtyan (ARM), FX: Sweet routine with Front 2/1 to front 1/1, Arabian double front half out, triple twist dismount with a step back. 13.733.

Robert Seligman (CRO), PH: Clean set. No real dismount, but clean all the same. 13.966.

Filip Ude (CRO), PH: Starts very well, calm, clean work. Legs apart on his traveling Russians as always, but he takes the deduction and moves on. Struggle up to his full pirouette dismount, but he msucles as well as he can. A duduction as well, but overall a well presented routine, and you have to have respect for how hard his work is and how he tries to make it look easy.

Luca van den Keybus (BEL), PB: Peach. Tippelt. Front Diamidov. Diamidov. Diamadov with an extra spin, very nice. Stuck double pike dismount. 11.633.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), VT: Tsuk double full. 13.333.

Nicolo Mozzato (ITA), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a hop. 14.3.

Dzianis Sanuvonh (BLR), VT: Roche, very well done!

Petrix Barbosa (POR), FX: Sits down his first pass. Sits his last pass (2.5 twist) as well, poor guy.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 5:

Pavel Gulidov (ISR), FX: Front 2.1 to front 1/1, small steps. 2.5 to front half. Front double tuck, small hop. 1.5 to front layout half. 3/1 with a step to end.

Dusan Dordevic (SRB), HB: Finishes his high bar dismount on one knee. Walks off wincing and grabbing his hand a bit.

Eeli Mikkola (FIN), PB: Front flip. Peach. Does a handstand pushup afterward trying to hold the handstand. Uprise to double front tuck.

Joao Fuglsig (DEN), VT: First vault was something that landed facing forward — Tsuk 2.5 or potentially a Shewfelt, just a small hop. Great handspring double front second effort, another tiny hop. Cue the celebation in the Danish corner. 14.199 puts him third so far.

Robert Kirmes (FIN), PB: One big leg separation in a handstand in the routine, then falls on his double front dismount. Poor guy looks crushed. You had a great floor, Robert — hold on to that. 10.666.

Robert Ghiuzan (ROU), VT: A Roche that could not be more cowboyed, followed by a Tsuk double full, a bit awkward in the air.

Nicolo Mozzato (ITA), PB: Sweet set, well presented. The whole Italian team has wonderfully artistic gymnastics and isn’t recognized enough for it. Double front half out dismount.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), PB: Beautiful set for the 2010 Youth Olympic bronze medalist on this event — and then falls back and sits his double pike dismount. That was really too bad. Edalli is taking it with good grace, shaking his head ruefully. 13.633.

Lukas Borkowski (POL), VT: Roche in which his seat hits before his feet, IMO. Then Tsuk 2.5 in which basically the same thing happens. He looks thrilled nonetheless.

Rick Jacobs (NED), FX: He was highly impressive in training…double double tuck, tiny hop. Front half to Randi, step to the side. Sticks third pass. Double full. Triple full to end, runs out of it and out of bounds. Lovely form, shame about the last pass. 11.866.

Artur Davtyan (ARM), PH: Some form here and there, basically piking his body in his circles, but gets through it without a fall. 13.666.

Michel Bletterman (NED), FX: Double front tuck. Roundoff, half in half out, step back. 2.5 to front tuck full. Russians. Double full. Arabian double front with a step forward. Triple full with a shuffle back. Good for him — one of the better floor routines we’ve seen this weekend.

Subdivision 1, Rotation 6:

Filip Ude (CRO), VT: Tsuk double full with a step forward. 13.433.

Luka van dne Keybus (BEL), FX: Wonderful height on his double front half out, wonderful height. Front 2/1 to front half. 2.5 to front 1/1, stuck. 1.5 to Rudi and finally a little hop forward. Double full, same thing. Sneaks his triple full around to end due to his strong and flexible Achilles. Claps his hands, delighted with that routine.

Lukas Borkowski (POL), PB: Clean set with double front dismount. Lukas is grinning widely and slapping hands with everyone he’s been rotating with all day.

Niccolo Mozzato (ITA), HB: Simply the highest Tkatchev half you’ll ever see. Floated. Great double double layout, stuck, and there’s an explosion of joy from the Italian corner. Brava! 14.133. Maybe a final!

Roman Kulesza (POL), PB: Bhavsar, Tippelt, inside Diamidov, etc. Double pike dismount. Roman says he works out two hours per day, works as a coordinator at his gym here in Szczecin the rest of the time. His last major international competition (besides the warmup he did at the Doha World Cup a few weeks ago)? The 2015 European Games. 12.833.

Dzianis Sanuvonh (BLR), HB: Awesome triple back dismount but falls on it. The Belarusians from what I’ve seen have been impressive so far here — the typical eastern European form, which is always a pleasure to watch, and intriguing skills. 12.2.

Robert Kirmes (FIN), HB: A long wait for him on the podium while the judges decide Sanuvonh’s fate. One armed giant. Tkatchev. Stalder. Blind. Front stalder. Full spin. Everything super clean. Terrific triple back somersault with just a small hop forward. Good way for him to end his day.

Michael Sorokine (ISR), PH: Off on a Russian travel — legs hit the horse.

Apparatus leaders after subdivision 1 of 3:

- Floor: Emil Soravuo (FIN), 14.366
- Pommel: Robert Seligman (CRO), 13.966
- Rings: Artur Avetisyan (ARM), 14.266
- Vault: Andrey Medvedev (ISR), 14.533
- P-Bars: Artur Davtyan (ARM), 13.633
- High Bar: Tin Srbic (CRO), 14.500

Livescoring: Check out

Play-by-Play: 2019 Birmingham World Cup, Men's All-around Final

Nikita Nagornyy of Russia.

Nikita Nagornyy of Russia.

Rotation 1:

Ooh, in England, we compete in the dark, apparently. The British do seem to love a darkened gymnastics arena.

Jamie Lewis (GBR), FX: The last minute replacement for Brinn Bevan here, his first senior world cup. Full twisting double layout, a little piked, step forward. Crashes double double tucked second pass. 2.5 to front half, piked. 2/1. Triple full, gets it around. 12.266.

Joe Fraser (GBR), PH: Nile Wilson’s replacement here. Two scissor to handstands, moving well so far. Small form break before the dismount. Well done overall. 13.933.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), FX: Fantastic triple back tuck, steps back and out. Double front pike half out. Front 2/1 to double front, stuck, wonderful. 2.5 to front 1/1 to front layout half. Double double tuck as a side pass — whenever a gymnast can pull a double double side pass — where many gymnasts do double fulls — you know you’re dealing with a potential world floor champion. Finally, full out tuck. Packed routine. 14.366.

Christian Baumann (SUI), PH: Comes off on a Busnari, made it look like a dismount. Was going well before that, and went well after it, apart from a leg break on Russians late in the routine. 12.0.

Allan Bower (USA), FX: Double front pike. Double double tuck, bouce back. Front 2/1 to front half. 2/1. 1.5 to front 1/1. 2.5, stuck. He’s worked hard at cleaning up his form at Oklahoma, and it shows here. 13.666.

Bart Deurloo (NED), PH: Hit routine for Bart! Since his slow start at the American Cup, he’s gotten better and better — more determined, too. 13.4.

Petro Pakhnuik (UKR), FX: Double double tuck, nearly bounds out of bounds going backward. Randi, a little short. Front 2/1 to front 1/1. 2.5, hop forward. Double full, stuck. Nice Russians. Triple full, low landing, hop forward, but gets it done. 12.7.

Kazuma Kaya (JPN), PH: Flairs, Magyar, Scissors, circles on one pommel. Russians. Handstand full pirouette dismount. Hit routine! 13.8.

Sun Wei (CHN), FX: Front double pike, deep landing, hop back. Double layout, hop back. 2.5 to front layout half. Front 1/1 to Rudi. Triple full, bounce back. Some impecisions on the landings, but not bad overall. 13.566.

Rotation 2:

Christian Baumann (SUI), SR: Maltese, a little difficult, I’d say. Planche, definitely difficult for him. Press handstand. Front giant. Giant. Piked Yama, tucked Yama to straddle planche. Balance check in handstand before double double tuck that he pancakes on the mat. Oof. Not a great routine, but this is not a good event for him. 12.166 as he massages his shoulders in the kiss and cry.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), PH: Gets through it. A touch of leg form here and there. Quick quick on his dismount, but we’ve seen worse. 13.233.

Bart Deurloo (NED), SR: Iron cross. Planche. Piked Yama to hesitating handstand. Tucked Yama. Double double tuck, small shuffle. Again, better than he’s been. 13.1.

Allan Bower (USA), PH: Long, intricate routine. Concentrated set, hit routine. 14.2.

Kazuma Kaya (JPN), SR: Hit routine capped with beautiful double double layout dismount. Very nice! Kaya’s always been great on pommel horse, but here he shows improvement in his lines. Is it possible for a man to be graceful on rings? Yes. 14.133.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), SR: Scissors to handstand, one pommel work. Leg separations on Russians and as usual, his non-dismount, but he stayed on, so that’s something. 13.266.

Joe Fraser (GBR), SR: Roll to cross. Maltese. Pull to cross. Tucked Yama to pike Yama to straddle planche. Front giant. Giant. Double double tuck, step back. Joe, a Birmingham native performing before his home city, looks happy. 13.1.

Sun Wei (CHN), PH: Unlike most of the crowd here, he gets through his entire routine without making a major break. Good for him! 14.933.

Jamie Lewis (GBR), PH: Slow through the Busnari but great flairs, which the crowd loves. Extremely slow press to handstand to end, but he made it! That’ll be his victory today. “He’s growing into the competition,” Olly Hogben says, and that puts it well. 13.666.

Rotation 3:

Bart Deurloo (NED), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a fairly big step forward. 14.166.

Allan Bower (USA), SR: Maltese. Roll to cross. Kip to Maltese. Tucked Yama to piked Yama to straddle planche. Front giant. Full twisting double layout (piked, some form in the air.) 12.5.

Kazuma Kaya (JPN), VT: Tsuk 2.5, low off the table and stumbles backwards but keeps it on his feet. Lets off a good-natured shrug as he walks off. Us too, Kazuma. 13.9.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), SR: Maltese. Iron cross. Piked Yama to tucked Yama to straddle planche. Front giant. Double front pike, hop forward. 13.566.

Joe Fraser (GBR), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a little hop backward, one foot out. Not bad. 14.166.

Sun Wei (CHN), SR: Planche. Maltese. Maltese again. Tucked Yama, piked Yama, roll to iron cross. Press handstand. Giant. Double double tuck, small hop forward. 13.833.

Christian Baumann (SUI), VT: DTY, nearly stuck, finally emits a small hop forward. 14.066.

Jamie Lewis (GBR), SR: Planche. Piked Yama, tucked Yama, done with all the ease and enthusiasm of youth. Front giant. Great double double tuck dismount, stuck! Jamie’s smile after that could light the arena. 13.333.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), SR: Roll to Maltese. Pop to second Maltese, drops to iron cross, opens his hands. Piked Yama to tucked Yama to iron cross. Straddle planche. Front giant. Double double tuck, small hop back. The class of the field so far, without a doubt. 14.233.

Rotation 4:

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a step forward. Quite clean in the air. 14.266.

Kazuma Kaya (JPN), PB: Front somie. Inside Diamidov. Peach half. Peach. Front straddle somie to shoulders. Bhavsar. Tippelt. Back tos 1/4 to single bar work. Uprise to double front half out, small hop/step on landing. Very nice. 14.566.

Sun Wei (CHN), VT: Hands down on undercooked Tsuk triple full. 13.566 loses him some ground.

Joe Fraser (GBR), PB: Very nice exercise that had the crowd on tenterhooks all the way through. Dismounts with double front half out with a small step to the side. Joe acquits himself well. 14.3.

Jamie Lewis (GBR), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a step forward, good distance from the table. Excellent in the air, too. 14.233.

Christian Baumann (SUI), PB: The Swiss on his best event. Peach mount. Front somie, small hesitation going to the hanstand. Inside Diamidov. Bhavsar. Tippelt. Lovely line on this event. Stutz. Uprise double front half out, small hop. 14.166.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), VT: Fantastic Dragulescu, nearly stuck. A little cowboyed in the air, but so impressive all the same. 14.9.

Bart Deurloo (NED), PB: Peach. Cut and catch work, cool. Loses it on inside Diamidov, whoops. That will hurt the score. Back toss quarter turn, one bar work. Double pike with a step back.

Allan Bower (USA), VT: Tsuk 2.5, form in the air but good landing. Needs to work on straightening his legs, elongating his lines.

Rotation 5:

Joe Fraser (GBR), HB: Yama. Cassina. Kolman. One arm giant. Tak full, good. Stalders. Double double layout, great landing, call it a stick. What’s unusual is he does both twists on the double double in the second flip. 13.9.

Sun Wei (CHN), PB: Peach half. Peach. Giant. Front straddle somie. Bhavsar, traveling the length of the p-bars, impressive. Tippelt, again great distance. Inside Diamidov. Double front half out, knees totally together, excellent, just a hop forward. 14.566.

Christian Baumann (SUI), HB: Yama. Layout Tkatchev. Stalder hop 1.5. Hop 1.5. Endos. Stalder. A bit pikey on his double double layout, but a fair landing, just a small step forward. 13.866.

Jamie Lewis (GBR), PB: Comes off on his first element, a peach. He’s not had the easiest debut here, but he’s a first year senior, and he only got the call up to compete here a few days ago. So. Shows what he’s capable of throughout the rest of the routine. Double pike dismount with a step back. 11.9.

Bart Deurloo (NED), HB: Tak half, small hesitation. Cassina, legs a tad bent. Kovacs. Kolman. Tak full (legs), to Yama. Stalder. Hop full. Double double layout with just a small step forward. 13.8.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), PB: Front flip. Peach to English handstand, held not quite long enough. Peach half, good. Inside Diamadov to half to Diamadov to Diamidov 1.5, excellent. Finally double front half out with a hop forward. Like Artur Dalaloyan, Nagornyy sets himself apart with his skill selection. He doesn’t do the exact same moves as everyone else. And it’s great. 14.933.

Kazuma Kaya (JPN), HB: Tak half. Layout Tkatchev. Tkatchev. Hop full. Tak full to Yama, well done. German giant, a bit labored coming out of it. Double double layout, hop back. 13.966.

Allan Bower (USA), PB: Front flip. Peach, struggles to get to handstand. Geinger. Inside Diamidov. Diamidov. Front straddle somie. Stutz, again a shadow of a struggle. Double pike, step to the side. 12.9.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), PB: Front flip. Peach half. Giant. Peach. Diamidov. Front straddle somie. Inside Diamidov. Back toss quarter. Double front half out, small hop. 14.766.

Rotation 6:

Jamie Lewis (GBR), HB: Yama. Tkatchev. Great extension in Endos. Tak half. Stalder. Full twisting double layout with a step. 12.833.

Christian Baumann (SUI), FX: Randi. 2.5 to front layout, hop. Arabian double front. Double full, stuck. A little tired in his flairs after several good tumbling passes. Triple full, large step to the side/forward. Not easy ending on floor. 12.533.

Nikita Nagornyy (RUS), HB: Needs six points to go into the lead. Layout Tkatchev. Layout Tkatchev half. Tak full, exactly right. Tak hafl, a little wild. Tkatchev. Tkatchev half. Stalder. Hand down on underrotated double double layout dismount. Oops. Not the way to finish the day, but his lead is likely to cover him, especially since Sun Wei did something similar on vault. His first five were awesome. 13.2.

Bart Deurloo (NED), FX: Double front half out, small shuffle back. Whip half to front 2/1. 1.5 to front 1/1. 2.5 to front layout half. Arabian double front, hop forward. 13.9.

Allan Bower (USA), HB: Yama. One armed giant. Tak full. Kovacs. Tkatchev. Endo. Stalder. Full twisting double layout, a tad piked in the air but stuck. 13.266.

Kazuma Kaya (JPN), FX: Great opening front double tuck half out. Front double pike. Front 2/1 to front 1/1. Double full. 2.5 to front layout half. Just the dismount: triple full, stumbles forward and puts his hand down. Ah, too bad! 13.366.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), HB: German giant. Tkatchev. Tkatchev half. Tak full. Tak half. Hop full. Full twisting double layout with a hop. Pakhniuk is pleased with his day. 13.766.

Joe Fraser (GBR), FX: Double double tuck, well controlled. Front 2/1 to front layout half. 2.5 to Rudi, small hop. Double full. Full twisting double tuck, done from a roundoff and stuck cold. Great way to end his day in Birmingham! 13.866.

Sun Wei (CHN), HB: Tak full. Layout Tkatchev to Tkatchev half. Tak half. Layout Tkatchev half. Yama. Double double layout, very clean, just a tiny hop forward. A medal for sure! 14.266 is good for silver.

GOLD - Nikita Nagornyy, RUS, 85.065
SILVER - Sun Wei, CHN, 84.73
BRONZE - Kazuma Kaya, JPN, 83.731
4 - Joe Fraser, GBR, 83.265
5 - Petro Pakhniuk, UKR, 82.33
6 - Allan Bower, USA, 80.898
7 - Bart Deurloo, NED, 80.532
8 - Christian Baumann, SUI, 78.797
9 - Jamie Lewis, GBR, 78.231

Quick hits: DTB Pokal, Men's Team Final

The podium finishers gather for a selfie at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart. Photo courtesy EnBW DTB Pokal.

The podium finishers gather for a selfie at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart. Photo courtesy EnBW DTB Pokal.

Rotation 1:

Ivan Stretovich (RUS), floor: HIt routine included running double front tuck mount, 2.5 to front 2/1 and triple full with a step to the side. The 2016 Olympian has grown a good deal and gotten quite lanky.

Lukas Dauser (GER), HB: Hit routine with great double double layout dismount.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), HB: Terrific routine, capped with stuck full twisting double layout dismount. The 2010 Youth Olympic medalist has impeccable form and actually swings with artistry, if that’s possible to do.

Kenta Chiba (JPN), FX: Double front half twist, with the half twist done after the first somersault, unusual. 1.5 to Randi, OOB. 2.5 to Rudi. Double full. Triple full, small hop to the side.

Dmitry Lankin , floor: Triple back, bounds backward. 3.5 to front half. Quad twist. 2.5 to front 2/1. Rudi.

Rotation 2:

Niccolo Mozzato (ITA), FX: Very high double double tuck, stuck. Front 2/1 to front tuck 1/1. 2.5 to Rudi. Double full. Triple full. 13.933.

Kakeru Tanigawa, (JPN), PH: Falls halfway through.

Felix Remuta (GER), FX: Double front pike half out, shuffle backward. Front 2/1 to Randi. 2.5 to front full, nearly goes OOB. Double double tuck. Rudi. Triple full, step back. 14.4.

Alexander Chicherov (RUS), PH: Off.

Thierno Diallo (ESP), FX: Randi. Double front. Front 2/1 to Rudi. 2.5 to front layout. Double full. Triple full. 13.733.

Niccola Bertolini (ITA), FX: Front double pike, wow that’s high. Double double tuck. 1.5 to front double full. A very good routine. He flutters his hand over his heart as he walks off the floor -- it made him nervous, this routine! Sidenote: Bertolini might be the most heavily tattooed man in gymnastics.

Kenta Chiba (JPN), PH: Some labored circles here and there, but he stayed on.13.933.

Nick Klessing (GER), FX: Double front half out tucked. Good landing. Front double pike. Front 1/1 to double front, saved by his very strong quads and several hops back.

Rotation 3:

Niels Dunkel (GER), PH: Cheered on (and carried through) this routine by the crowd. Makes it without falling.

Andreas Toba (GER), PH: Powers through, hit routine. 13.466.

Dmitry Lankin (RUS), SR: HIt routine, good strength parts, double double tuck dismount that he fights to stick and finally takes a step.

Ludovico Edalli (ITA), PH: Sweet routine. 13.6.

Rotation 4:

Caio Souza (BRA), VT: Tsuk 2.5, lands off to the right and has to take a big step forward.

Kakeru Tanigawa (JPN), VT: Undercooks a Tsuk triple and stumbles to the side, actually going off the mat and crashing into the signboard in front of the judges table.

Andreas Toba (GER), SR: Excellent routine, capped with stuck full twisting double layout. 14.266.

Ivan Stretovich (RUS), VT: Tsuk 2.5, small hop back. 14.466.

Arthur Zanetti (BRA), VT: Serviceable handspring double front.

Marco Sarrugerio (ITA), SR: A very rare fall on rings -- undercooked a handstand, tried valiently to hold it, and couldn’t. Jumps off and rechalks. Nice front double pike dismount.

Kenta Chiba (JPN), VT: Tsuk triple, big step to the side.

Nick Klessing (GER), SR: Pull to cross, planche. Front giant. Pikes and tucked Yamas to Maltese. And ooh, triple back dismount! Very nice. Klessing veritably dances off the mat!

Rotation 5:

Luca Lino Garza (ITA), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a hop forward.

Shogo Nonomura (JPN), PB: Front flip. Inside Diamidov. Peach half, peach. Double tuck. Giant. Tippelt. Stutz. Double pike with a hop forward. Very nice. 14.7.

Felix Remuta (GER), VT: Makes the handspring double front look easy. Half twist, Felix? 14.033.

Nikita Ignatyev (RUS), PB: Giant, Tippelt. Double tuck. Inside Diamidov. Stutz. Double front hlaf out tucked. 14.166.

Nestor Abad (ESP), VT: Tsuk double full, hop. Great except for the hop from Spain’s veteran.

Bernardo Miranda (BRA), PB: Peach half, peach. Tippelt. Bhavsar. Double front with a hop. Nice lines for this event.

Niccola Bertolini (ITA), VT: 14.566 for his vault has him doing a little victory dance in the mixed zone.

Nick Klessing (GER), VT: Handspring double front, excellent, just a step forward.

Rotation 6:

Niels Dunkel (GER), PB: Lovely set. Niels is thrilled.

Fuya Maeno (JPN), HB: The best Tak half in the business. Wow. And stuck double double layout

Marco Sarrugerio (ITA), PB: Inside Diamidov to front straddle somie. Bhavsar. Giant to Tippelt. His elbows are naturally hyperextended, which make his handstands even nicer. Double pike with a hop.

Nikita Ignatyev (RUS), HB: Cassina. Kolman. Tak skills. One arm giant. Yama. Hop full. Stuck double double layout. Very nice routine!

Lukas Dauser (GER), PB: Germany’s PB artist at work. A strong and beautiful routine. Double front half out dismount, stuck cold. Lukas loves it. 13.966


1 - Russia, 170.995
2 - Germany 1, 168.162
3 - Japan, 168.065
4 - Brazil, 166.263
5 - Italy, 162.897
6 - Spain, 157.897

Quick hits: Stuttgart World Cup, Men's All-around final

Artur Dalaloyan. Credit: Instagram/real_artur

Artur Dalaloyan. Credit: Instagram/real_artur

Rotation 1:

Akash Modi (USA), FX: Front double pike, hop forward. 2.5 to front 1/1 layout. Front 2/1 to front layout half. Randi, small hop. Double full, stuck. Triple full with a small hop forward to end. Good start for Akash, smiling in the kiss & cry. 13.433.

Frank Baines (GBR), FX: Lonnnng wait beside the floor for Modi's score. Front 2/1 to front layout half, stuck. Double front pike, stuck. Beautiful double double tuck, tiny hop. 2.5 to front layout. Double full, tiny hop. Arabian double, tiny hop. Great routine. 14.166.

Eddy Yusof (SUI), FX: Double front tuck half, step back. Open double double tuck. Front 2/1 to front half. 1.5 to front 1/1. Not as precise in his landings as the first two, but sticks double tuck. Ends the exercise as he starts it: full in with a step back. 13.366.

Marcel Nguyen (GER), FX: Double front pike half out, steps. Double layout 1/1, stuck. OOB on third pass. Lots of applause and encouragement from the GER crowd, and interestingly, a respectful silence during his press handstand. Full in, bounces back and just OOB again. 13.433.

Teppei Miwa (JPN), floor: The 18-year-old some sweet encouragement from his coach before he stepped into the corner. Double front pike, small hop. 3.5 twist. 1.5 to front 2/1. Double full, small hop. 2.5 to front layout half, stuck. Triple full, small hop forward. Classic JPN. 13.8.

Sun Wei (CHN), FX: Front double pike, hop. Wonderful double layout, like he's flying. Hands down on 2.5 to front layout half, mistimed. Oops. Front 1/1 to Rudi. A little too long in the corner before his triple full last pass, looked like he was conserving energy. 12.266.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), FX: Double double tuck, stumbles backward, saves it. Randi. Front 2/1 to front tuck half. 2.5 to front tuck 1/1. He manages to get to his feet though sometimes he looks like he's not going to. Triple full. Sigh of relief. 13.133.

Bart Deurloo (NED), FX: Double front tuck half out, stumbles back and out of bounds. Whoops. 1.5 to front 2/1. 2.5 to front 1/1 (I think). Great stuck Arabian double front to end though. Saved the best for last! 13.6.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), FX: The Germans love Artur Dalaloyan, and introduce him as "King Artur." Front 2/1 to Randi. Front layout to double front pike half out. Double double tuck, hop. 2.5 to front 2/1, small hop. 1.5 to Rudi. Triple full. Not quite as precise as he might be, but that was a very good routine. Not easy, either. 14.366.

Rotation 2:

Sun Wei (CHN), PH: 14.4 for a hit set. Sun Wei on the upswing after that fall on floor. 14.4.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), PH: Long and complex routine with a non-dismount. Gets through the majority well, gets a little tired on his last Russian travel and takes some leg form. All in all positive, though. Petro seems to think so too - big smile! 14.333.

Eddy Yusof (SUI), PH: Efficient routine, swung fast. Just a little struggle going up to handstand on the dismount, but he acquitted himself well overall. 13.366 -- fair, not that much difficulty in it.

Akash Modi (USA), PH: Another very long, very complex set. Well swung until the end -- he was tired, had trouble getting to the handstand on his dismount and then didn't finish the pirouette. He gives a thumbs up anyway and gets some extra encouragement from the crowd. 13.466.

Marcel Nguyen (GER), PH: A bit low on his one pommel work, but maybe the applause of the crowd helped him through it. Survived without a fall on an event that he doesn't really look like he enjoys. Looks relieved in the kiss and cry. 13.066.

Bart Deurloo (NED), PH: Clean routine from Bart. Highlight was the travelling Russian across the horse. He sits down next to Petro Pakhniuk, who is still obviously delighted about his routine, and grinning broadly. 13.833.

Tippei Miwa (JPN), PH: Like Modi, it was great right up until the dismount, when he just ran out of gas and couldn't complete it. His coach seems quite nurturing with him, and seemed to reassure him as he walked off. 12.166.

Frank Baines (GBR), PH: Hit routine! Amazing Busnari with two pirouettes (most guys only do one) traveling across the horse. The rest was clean. Good for him! 13.433.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), PH: Oh yes! Impressive hit routine with tons of variety. Scissors, Busnari, flairs, circle travels, the kitchen sink, all very well delivered. 14.066. Seeing the score finally gets a reaction from him, and he breaks into a big smile.

Rotation 3:

Teppei Miwa (JPN), SR: Once again, the dismount does him in. The interior of the routine was very good -- correct strength parts, correct delivery. But takes several steps back on double double tuck, though he did save it. 13.066.

Marcel Nguyen (GER), SR: The 31-year-old puts on a show for the home crowd on one of his best events, topping things off with a stuck full twisting double layout. 14.4 incites a spontaneous round of applause. 14.4.

Sun Wei (CHN), SR: A lot of beauty in all his routines, not just technical precision. Kicks out of his double double tuck dismount, finds the floor and sticks it cold. 12.966. Apparently I liked it more than the judges.

Akash Modi (USA), SR: Hit set, holds on for the stick on the double double tuck dismount. Akash is really pleased with that routine, plays to the crowd a little bit as he heads to the kiss and cry! 13.966.

13.766 on rings gives Bart Deurloo the lead at this point. A much happier outing for him so far in Stuttgart compared to the American Cup two weeks ago.

It's been great to see all the competitors enthusiastic here, but nobody is having a better time than Petro Pakhniuk, who came away from the rings podium pumping his fists and smiling from ear to ear. 13.2 puts him fourth right now.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), SR: More gorgeous work. Wonderful angles, great precision. Full twisting double layout dismount, stuck. 14.5 will keep him in the lead.

Rotation 4:

Teppei Miwa (JPN), VT: Tsuk triple with a hop. Catlike landing. Nicely done. 14.733.

Sun Wei (CHN), VT: An even better Tsuk triple. Wonderful. 15.000.

Eddy Yusof (SUI), VT: Tsuk double pike, a bit tucked in the air but very nice, small step back. 14.366.

Frank Baines (GBR), vault: Handspring Rudi. 4.8 D, not difficult compared to some of the vaults in this field, but very well done. Gets above 9 in execution, which gives him 14.033.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), vault: Tsuk 2.5, hop forward. Another fist pump. What a happy competitor! 14.266 puts him in the lead at the moment.

Akash Modi (USA), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a hop forward. Landed a little bit offline -- right foot over the white line. 14.1 gives him 54.965, and he takes the lead with three competitors still to come...

Marcel Nguyen (GER), VT: A handspring double front that could not be more cowboyed, but he gets it to his feet. Nearly lands lock-legged but not quite, fortunately. 13.922.

Bart Deurloo (NED), VT: Tsuk 2.5, great in the air and nearly stuck, just a small step back, finally. 14.4 puts him first at the moment.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), VT: Piked Dragulescu! Some leg form (bent and separated), a bit of a stumble on landing, but still. Piked Dragulescu! 14.766.

Rotation 5:

Teppei Miwa (JPN), PB: Underbalances a handstand right before his double pike dismount, has to bend arms. That throws off his concentration, and then he sits the double pike. Too bad! The rest was great. Learning experience. 13.433.

Sun Wei (CHN): Peach half, peach. Giant. Uprise front straddle somie. Clips his foot a little on a swinging skill but no big deal. Belle. Inside Diamadov. Double front half out tucked, hop back. 14.5.

Frank Baines (GBR), PB: English handstand. Diamadov. Little struggle on one handstand. Double pike dismount with a step back. Maybe his roughest routine of the day so far, but he survived. 13.8.

Marcel Nguyen (GER), PB: His teammates, sitting in the stands, are coaching him through this routine. Impressive as ever from the 2012 Olympic silver medalist on this event, ending with full twisting double tuck dismount (just a hop). 14.666.

Eddy Yusof (SUI), PB: Takes a dramatic, gasp-inducing fall off the parallel bars on either a Belle or a Bhavsar. Lays there as if dead for a good five seconds before getting up. Appreciative applause from the audience as he finishes.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), PB: Another excellent routine from Pakhniuk. Double front with a half twist. 14.833. Pakhniuk adds a salute to his fist bumps here. His Yul Moldauer impression, perhaps?

Akash Modi (USA), PB: Great routine interior but lands on all fours on his full twisting double tuck dismount. That's a shame -- 13.233 that puts him fifth at this point.

Bart Deurloo (NED), PB: Basically falls attempting a Diamadov into handstand on one rail, an extremely hard skill. Covers it up by doing a half pirouette and kipping off, but the crowd (and likely the judges) are not fooled. 12.2.

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), PB: Clear hip mount. Diamadov. Stutz. Tippelt. Bhavsar. Front straddle somie. Inside Diamadov. Uprise to double front pike dismount! 15.066.

One of the many cool things about Artur Dalaloyan is that he's innovative. He isn't doing the same skills as everyone else. That, combined with his excellent presentation, sets him apart even further.

Rotation 6:

Eddy Yusof (SUI), HB: Lots of Tkatchev variations, Tak half way out of handstand. Nearly sticks his double double layout, but finally has to step back. 13.733.

Teppei Miwa (JPN), HB: Cassina. Kolman. Layout Tkatchev half. Layout Tkatchev to Tkatchev. Hop 1.5. Double double layout, tiny hop. The Germans, who love high bar more than any other apparatus, adore this routine. 14.466.

Bart Deurloo (NED), HB: Tak half. Cassina. Kovacs to Kolman. Tak full (angle) to Yama. Double double layout with a hop. 14.2.

Akash Modi (USA), HB: Tkatchev, layout Tkatchev, Tkatchev half, has to muscle a handstand...layout Tkatchev half. Double double layout, tiny hop. 13.9.

Frank Baines (GBR), HB: Tkatchev. Tkatchev half. Falls on Tak full, which would have been beautiful had he not fallen on it. Floats and sticks his full twisting double layout dismount. 12.166.

Sun Wei (CHN), HB: Layout Tkatchev to Tkatchev half. Layout Tkatchev half. Bit of originality with hop to mixed grip to Yama, not bothering to try a Tak. Double double layout with a small hop. Nice routine. 14.333.

Marcel Nguyen (GER), HB: Complete respectful silence in the hall as Marcel performs -- except from his teammates, who can't stop shouting their support at him. Tkatchevs, a Kovacs, a Kolman, a double double layout with a hop. Marcel takes a bow. 13.366.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), HB: Second coming into this rotation. German giants. Tkatchev. Tkatchev half. Tak variations, half and full. Full twisting double layout with a step back. 13.566. He looks just delighted. This is his day!

Artur Dalaloyan (RUS), HB: The first thing he does is come off on his Cassina. And it was going so, so well! Kovacs. Layout Tkatchev half. Tak half. Off again on layout Tkatchev! Ooooooo....

The upshot: Despite two falls on high bar on his last event, Artur Dalaloyan wins the Stuttgart World Cup with a 84.497 total, ahead of Sun Wei and Petro Pakhniuk. Rough ending for the world champ, but high bar shouldn't overshadow his other 5 events, which were excellent with a capital E.


1 - Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 84.497
2 - Sun Wei, China, 83.465
3 - Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, 83.331
4 - Marcel Nguyen, Germany, 82.864
5 - Akash Modi, USA, 82.098
6 - Bart Deurloo, Netherlands, 81.999
7 - Teppei Miwa, Japan, 81.664
8 - Eddy Yusof, Switzerland, 80.697
9 - Frank Baines, Great Britain, 80.631

Quick hits: 2019 American Cup

Rotation 1:

Sam Mikulak, floor: Running front double pike. 2.5 to double front, clicks heels together, stuck. Front double full to front tuck full. Flairs sequence, great.1.5 to front layout full. Triple twist, stuck. Tim Daggett going nuts. SAM going nuts! Wonderful routine. Wonderful. 14.733.

Bart Deurloo (NED), floor: Double front and slides off the floor. 1.5 to front double full. 2.5 to stop to punch front full. 2.5 to front layout half. Arabian double front with a small hop. 12.766.

Ma Yue (CHN), floor: Double front tuck half out, small hop. Front double full to front full, hop and OOB. Randi. Russians. Double full. Triple full with a hop back. More charisma than he’s displayed in previous years, honestly. 13.3.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), floor: Double double tuck, hop back. (He’s capable of a 2.5.) Randi, low landing. The feed cut out for the rest of it, but Petro looks pleased with this effort. 14.133.

James Hall (GBR), floor: Handspring front double pike. Double double tuck with a big step back. Front double full to front layout half. Randi, a little low. 2.5 to Rudi with another step. Oh, and almost collapses his wide arm handstand! Triple full with another big step sideways. 13.466.

Christian Baumann (SUI), floor: Randi with a step back, undercooked. 2.5 to front layout. Arabian double front. Double full side pass. Flairs and Fedorchenkos, a little slow. Not enough gas to make the triple full at the end, hands down. 12.466.

Yul Moldauer (USA), floor: Randi, great, small hop. 3.5 to front layout half, a little offline. 2.5 to front layout full. Arabian double front half out to screams of approval from the crowd. Flairs, so quick and pretty! Double full side pass. Triple full, hop forward. And his particular enthusiastic signoff with fist-pumping, etc. 14.5.

Rotation 2:

Bart Deurloo (NED), pommel: Russians between the pommels, looking good! But falls midway through. Pacing around taking his whole 30 seconds to catch his breath. The rest was fine. 12.166.

Ma Yue (CHN), pommel: Hits a nice routine and stands shouting in victory on the podium for at least 10 seconds afterwards. Pakniuk is up there ready to take over and Ma Yue is still shouting. Like Mikulak, he’s REALLY happy about this one. 14.033.

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), pommel: Two scissor to handstand, circles on one pommel, well done overall. Great lines for this event but does the dismount of a child, not even going for the handstand. 13.433.

James Hall (GBR), pommel: Scissor to handstand, one pommel work, Russian on one pommel, Russian travels, nice. Not the prettiest pommel worker perhaps, but terrific pirouetting dismount. Good on him! 14.2.

Christian Baumann (SUI), pommel horse: Scissor to handstand (what a popular mount!), travels, Busnari where he comes down between the pommels, legs way apart all the way through his Russians but wow, stays on. A Swiss miracle! Handstand dismount, no pirouettes. 12.933.

Yul Moldauer (USA), pommels: original scissor mount, flairs, Magyar. Very crowd-pleasing! Terrific lightness to this routine. Slightly tired on the dismount, but not bad at all. 13.8.

Sam Mikulak (USA), pommels: His own element, beautiful Busnari! Gave him problems at Worlds but none here. Ooh clips the horse but gets it back together. The rest is solid. Good for him! 14.433.

Rotation 3:

James Hall (GBR), rings: Pull to Maltese. Tim Daggett doesn't like it. Frankly, he's right -- low positions, even the iron cross. Yamawakis. Second cross, high. Giant. Double double tuck, step back. 13.666.

Christian Baumann (SUI), rings: He has more natural upper body strength than Hall. Yamawakis to straddle planche. Double double with a small hop to the side. He seems to be warming up as he goes on today. 13.633.

Yul Moldauer (USA), rings: With Sam Mikulak cheering him on, Yul blazes through a beautiful routine and opening his hands Petrounias-like on his strength moves. Stuck double double tuck. Melted into the floor indeed. 14.2.

Sam Mikulak (USA), rings: Rings face on. Cheeky smileo the judges. Maltese. Cross. Tucked Yamawaki to cross, low. Different kind of face now. Piked Yamawaki. Giant. Double double tuck, stuck. And finally, a happy smile. 14.1.

Rotation 4:

Petro Pakhniuk (UKR), vault: Tsuk 2.5, lands low and in a deep squat but saves it with a step to the side. All distance, no height. 13.833.

Yul Moldauer (USA), vault: Tsuk 2.5, STUCK. BAM. 14.733.

Sam Mikulak (USA), vault: Tries to emulate what Moldauer did right before him. Almost -- hops to the side. "I wanted to stick like you," he tells Yul as he walks back. 14.433.

Rotation 5:

Yul Moldauer (USA), p-bars: Peach, peach half, DIamaova, full spin on one arm, giant, Geinger with straight legs (!). Double front half out, stuck like a cat. And then lots of motion, with arm waving and celebrating and a military kind of salute. 14.966.

Sam Mikulak (USA), p-bars: Front flip. Inside Diamadov. Peach half. Peach. Front somie. Belle and nearly loses it! Oh dear. That's going to be a problem. Double front half out, stuck. He's eaten into his lead there. Hmm. 14.066.

Ma Yue (CHN), p-bars: Front flip. Peach, shy of handstand. Double tuck. Front straddle somie. Bhavsar. Belle. Inside Diamadov. Double pike, stuck. And a celebration of his own! He looks thrilled. University of China? 14.333.

Rotation 6:

Christian Baumann (SUI): Is getting some flak from the commentators for looking a bit too "relaxed" in his form, but a nice routine from him overall. Double double layout. 13.833.

Petro Pakhnuik (UKR), high bar: German giant out of handstand, oops. Tkatchev, Tkatchev half. Tak half. Stuck full twisting double layout. 13.733.

Ma Yue (CHN), high bar: Piked Tkatchev. Tkatchev. Tkatchev half. All the Tkatchevs. Hop full. Stuck double double layout! 13.9.

Sam Mikulak (USA), high bar: Cassina. Kolman, very nice. Layout Tkatchev. Tkatchev to Tkatchev half. And gives it away on the Tak half, doesn't complete it, swings the other way. Oh Sam oh Sam oh Sam...and then he sticks the double double layout. 14.066.

Yul Moldauer (USA), high bar: Yama. One armed giant. Tak full, nice. Tak half (angle). Tucked Kovacs. Hop full. Hop 1.5. Triple double layout, small hop on the landing, but yeah! Another huge celebration on the podium from Yul (and the girls in the crowd love it). 3-peat? It’s happening. 13.733 is only the fifth highest score on high bar, but no matter.


1 - Yul Moldauer, USA, 85.932
2 - Sam Mikulak, USA, 85.931
3 - Ma Yue. China, 84.465
4 - Petro Pakhnuik, UKR, 82.864
5 - James Hall, GBR, 82.698
6 - Christian Baumann, SUI, 81.631
7 - Bart Deurloo, NED, 76.932

Moldauer tops Mikulak at Winter Cup


As is often the case, the U.S. men spent first night of the Winter Cup Challenge shaking off rust. Most of the national team collective and assorted hopefuls are gathered in Las Vegas for the first of two nights of competition. Night one determines the all-around champion and the first six to make the national team, but one day in, only Yul Moldauer looked near his 2018 Worlds form as he cruised to the title. Five-time U.S. champion Sam Mikulak, who will headline the American Cup with Moldauer in two weeks, had a mixed bag of an evening: brilliant on high bar, strong on floor, off on pommel horse and parallel bars. Below, the blow-by-blow.

Rotation 1:

Colin Van Wicklen, floor: Front double pike half out, small hop. Punch 2/1 to tucked front full. 2.5 to front half to his hands and knees, too low. Double full side pass, hop back. 1.5 to front layout full. Stuck Arabian double front to end. Too bad about the fall. 13.1.

Kiwan Watts, vault: Sits Tsuk 2.5. Is his coach wearing a neck brace? 13.2.

Adrian de los Angeles, pommel: Form on one circle but regains control then falls and spins on his back off the horse. 13.3.

Yul Moldauer, floor: Stream doesn’t show first pass. 2.5 to Rudi. Arabian double front half out, stuck. Beautiful flairs, through the handstand twice. Double full side pass. Triple full to end, not quite enough juice, low and puts hands down. Not quite in full routine shape maybe. 13.55.

Marvin Kimble, rings: If not spectacular, not bad either. A little high on his final planche. Full twisting double layout, small hop, nearly stuck. 13.95.

Emyre Cole, parallel bars: Lovely front straddle then sits on the bars on what was supposed to be  press handstand. Double front dismount, underrotated and sits that too. 11.1.

Sean Melton, rings: Melton looks in very good shape -- longer lines than earlier in his career. Great positions too. Double double tuck, both twists on the second flip, nearly stuck. Great set. 14.45.

Genki Suzuki, floor: Front double full to front half. Double double tuck, big bounce back. Rudi side pass, big steps forward. Oklahoma looks a little tired so far here, which is bad given that we’ve just begun. Double full. 1.5 to front layout full. 2.5 to end. 13.4.

Ryan McVay, high bar: Yamawaki, hop full. Hop 1.5.Endos. Plenty of giants between his elements. Stalder. Stuck double double layout. Dismount the highlight of this set. 12.85.

Sam Mikulak, pommel horse: His own move to get things started, gets through the Busnari that gave him problems in Dpha and then calms down a lot. Cruises until almost the very end and then comes off on...well, on a circle, essentially. Sam laughs it off ruefully as he goes back to the chalk bucket, takes his 30 seconds and gets up and does his handstand pirouette dismount. Welp. 13.7.

Ian Gunther (Stanford), high bar: Tkatchev straight, straddle Tkatchev. Straddle half Tkatchev. Endos, stops mid-sequence. Full twisting double layout, hands down. 11.15.

Evan Davis, floor: Hands down on triple full dismount. 12.85.

Akash Modi, high bar: Yama with some form, Straddle Tkatchev to immediate layout Tkatchev, straddle tkatchev half. Pike Tkatchev half. Jam to Endo. Stuck layout double double. An admirable routine, but his toepoint and general form leaves room for improvement. 13.65.

Vitaliy Guimaraes, floor: HUGE double double tuck to open, beautiful. Whip half to front fouble full, also gorgeous. HIgh Arabian double front half out. 1.5 to front layout half. FIghting for every tenth. Gorgeous lines, too. And toepoint! Rudi, a little low, but whatever. Triple full dismount. Best routine we’ve seen so far. 13.75.

Rotation two:

Yul Moldauer, pommel horse: A more flaired out routine than we’ve seen from Yul in the past, flairs being the thing on horse now thanks to Lee Chih-Kai and others. NIce set overall, no falls, no big errors. 14.1.

Marvin Kimble, vault: Nearly walks into an amazing Tsuk double pike, huge, but then can’t hold the landing, takes several steps back and rolls out of it. Is that his cry of frustration or of his teammates’? Hard to tell, would be understandable if either. 13.85.

Sean Melton, vault: Handspring double front, close to stuck. Nice! 14.45.

Alexei Vernyi, pbars: Some labored back tosses, labored press handstand after it. Double pike with a small hop. 12.4.

Jacob Moore, high bar: Terrific double double layout, stuck, to finish. Jacob looks elated with that routine. 12.1.

Bailey Perez, floor: Whip half to front double, nice. Front full to double front. 2.5 to punch front. Arabian double front half out. Double full. Triple full to end. Nice set. 13.05.

Kyte Crigger, high bar: One armed giant, Tak half (angle), nice full twisting double layout, stuck. 13.0.

Sam Mikulak, rings: Maltese to cross, planche, tucked Yamawaki to cross, Piked Yamawaki. Sal break in handstand for 0.25 seconds. Giant. GIant to easy looking double double tuck. 14.05.

Ryan McVay, floor: Double front. Front full to front layout. Double full. Layout side pass. 2.5 to end. 13.15.

Shaun Herzog, parallel bars: GIant Diamadov to giant, straddle cut, Dalton, Stutz. Terrific double pike. Very nice routine! 13.45.

Adrian de los Angeles, rings: A nice, well-controlled routine, but none too difficult. No Malteses, no crosses. FUll twisting double layout dismount, bends knees toward the end. WIll be a low D and fairly good E. 13.05 (4.5 D, 8.55 E).

Colin van Wicklen, pommel horse: Circles on one pommel, half Russian, travel, runs out of gas before the dismount and comes off as he presses up. Just not enough in the tank. 11.95.

Ian Gunther, floor: Double tuck. Rudi. Lovely flairs sequence. Excellent toepoint. 1.5 to front layout. 2.5, a little wild on the landing, shuffle to the side. 12.85.

What has Yin Alvarez done to his hair? Is that a cap, or...

Johnny Jacobson, high bar: Kolman. Layout Tkatchev. Straddle Tkatchev half. STadler Endo. Stalder. One armed giant. Stuck full twisting double layout. Very nice. 13.4.

Akash Modi, floor: Crashes 2.5 to front half midway through his routine. Grinds around the triple full to end. Looks rather put out, though everyone is making the same errors so far. 12.6.

Grant Breckenridge, floor: Front layout full to front double full, hops out of bounds. Arabian double front, saves it with hops back. Whip to 1.5 to front layout. 2.5 gets the best of him in the end, and he sits down. End of rotation. 12.05.

Rotation 3:  

Marvin Kimble, parallel bars: Wonderful line for this event but comes off early on an English handstand and we cut away to see Donnell Whittenburg vault. Back later: New dismount for him: front layout 1.5. That looks like a placeholder dismount -- he’s certainly capable of more. 12.0.

Donnell Whittenburg, vault: Tsuk 2.5 with big steps forward. 13.35.

Eddie Penev, vault: Lovely Shewfelt (YUrchenko 2.5) to terrific landing. Eddie is thrilled! 14.8.

Sean Melton, parallel bars: Inside Diamadov. Diamadov, right on. Stutz. Double pike. Again, very methodical, great control. 13.05.

Kyle King, vault: Tsuk 2.5, very good landing. HIgh fives the coach. 14.5.

Sam Mikulak, vault: Tsuk 2.5 with a small hop back/to the side. 13.75.

Anton Stephenson, bault: Shewfelt with a step back. 14.4.

Shane Wiskus, high bar: Kolman. Tucked Kovacs. One armed giant. Tak half. Stalder. DOuble double layout, small hop forward. 13.0.

Vitaliy Guimaraes, rings: Planche to begin. PIke Yama to tucked Yama. His long body is striking on this event -- pencil correct handstands. Double double tuck, with a small hop. He plays to his strengths (swing elements), and who came blame him? 13.25.

Kevin Penev, floor: Arabian double front half out. Wide arm planche, unique and cool. Double full side pass, is sure to click his heels together. Triple full to end. Very nice set. 13.55.

Colin van Wicklen, rings: Iron cross, planche. No shortage of upper body strength with this one. Very energetic pull to handstand there. The typical Yama series. Giant to stuck 1.5 twisting double back. Very nice! 13.95.

Akash Modi, pommel horse: Akash attacks! No hesitation in this routine. Loses it just before the dismount though. Frustrating for him. 13.0.

Yul Moldauer, rings: Yama series to iron cross. Planche. Slight break in handstand after. Nice double double tuck dismount though, small hop. 14.5.

Riley Loos, pommel horse: Nice routine. Was that a fist pump in the handstand on the dismount there? That’s original. 13.2.

Kiwan Watts, high bar: Kovacs. Nice Endos. Lovely line. Stuck full twisting double layout. Pleasing to the eye, this routine. 13.25.

Jacob Moore, floor: Double double tuck. 2.5 to front layout half. Arabian double front half out. Great form from this guy. Double full. Triple full, stuck. Not much wrong with that routine.  

Rotation 4:

Genki Suzuki, vault: Tsuk double full. 14.15.

Sean Melton, high bar: Kovacs. Kolman. Hop full. Tak half. Stalder. Stuck full twisting double layout. 13.35.

Bennet Huang, vault: Tsuk double full. 13.75.

Allan Bower, vault: Handspring front double full. Okay, there are some leg issues in the air but a harder vault than many of the guys are doing here. 14.05.

Donnell Whittenburg, parallel bars: Had a great routine going and lost it on a Diamadov. Too bad! Big hop on double front half out. He’s got tons of potential, but Whittenburg looks like he’s still finding his touch so far this year. 13.55.

Colin van Wicklen, vault: Huge Dragulescu. 15.0, top score so far.

Yul Moldauer, vault: Tsuk 2.5, landed lightly with a hop. 14.45.

Ian Gunther, rings: Yamawakis to planche, a bit different. Apparently to go to Stanford your toepoint has to be in the 90th percentile or above. Full twisting double layout, hop back. 13.7.

Eddie Penev, parallel bars: One of the more embarrassing misses of the evening -- wanted to do a clear hip circle and misses entirely. Oops. Then turns around and delivers a beautiful set save for the big hop forward on his double pike dismount. Bad beginning, lovely interior, less than stellar end. 12.0.

Akash Modi, rings: Like his cousin 2008 Olympian Raj Bhavsar, rings is one of the places where Modi really shines. Great set, makes it look easy, stuck double double tuck dismount, the works. 14.05.

Marvin Kimble, high bar: Liukin, great, but struggles on the giant after. Layout Tkatchev. Layout Tkatchev half. Tak full. Tak half. Tkatchev. Goes for a second one and comes off. Plenty of people cheering him on after this. Was a great set before the fall. 10.8.

Sam Mikulak, parallel bars: Front flip, nearly falls on inside Diamadov and then does fall on his next skill. The rest of the routine looks like Sam Mikulak. Even if he wins this, falls on pommel horse and p-bars are not going to burnish his reputation for consistency. Double front half out dismount, lands low, hands down. Oof. 12.85.

Anton Stephenson, parallel bars: The Nebraska gymnast does the routine that Sam Mikulak had been hoping to do just before him. Punctuated with stuck double pike. Terrific stuff. 13.65.

Adrian de los Angeles, parallel bars: Excellent routine save for the big step after his double front dismount. 14.15.

Kanji Oyama, parallel bars: Inside Diamadov, comes off one second skill. “Ah man!” he exclaims as he heads toward the chalk bowl. Hard routine for him. Usually it’s pommel horse that’s so unkind. 10.55.

Rotation 5:

WIll Jeffreys, floor: Double double tuck.  2.5 to front tuck full. Double full side pass. Front double full. 12.8.

Eddie Penev, high bar: Tak half, well below necessary angle. Stalder Tkatchev. Stalder 1.5. Stalder full. Tkatchev. Hop full. Stalder. Full twisting double layout. 12.45.

Allan Bower, parallel bars: Another hit set from the very reliable Bower, who has had a much better evening here than some others. Hangs onto the double pike dismount with a couple of arm circles. 13.4.

Akash Modi, vault: Tsuk 2.5 with a hop forward. Huge air for someone so small. 14.35.

Kyle King, high bar: Yama. One armed giant. Tak half. Kovacs with fingertip catch. Tkatchev. Etc. Full twisting double layout. 13.05.

Sam Mikulak, high bar: Cassina. Kolman. Layout Tkatchev. Tkatchev to Tkatchev half, nice. Excellent tak half. Stalder. Stuck double double layout. Looking like the world bronze medalist he is on this event. 15.1 is the new high score of the night.

Colin van Wicklen, parallel bars: Front flip. Almost comes off on peach half (upper body strength for the win again). Gienger (small bend in handstand after). Double front, stuck. 13.25.   

Marvin Kimble, floor: Front double pike, big steps back. Front double full to front full, out of bounds. Double layout, OOB again. 11.95.

Yul Moldauer, parallel bars: Lovely work all the way through. Sticks his double front half out. One of the best routines of the night. 14.45.

Sean Melton, floor: Double double tuck. Double front half out, hands down, quite an awkward fall. Front double full. 2.5 to front layout half. 12.95.

Donnell Whittenburg, high bar: Tak half. Hop full. Layout Tkatchev. Tak full. Yama with half twist. Stalder. Double double layout, remembers at the last second to bend his knees and sticks the landing. A routine worthy of Whittenburg. He celebrates! 13.0.

Rotation 6:

Allan Bower, high bar: Yamawaki. One armed giant. Tak full. Kovacs. Tkatchev. Tak to Endo. Stalder. Full twisting double layout, stuck. Not the flashiest of routines, but gets the job done.

Cameron Bock, vault: Tsuk 2.5. Looks like he nearly sits it down but really just lands in a very deep squat.

Kyle King, floor: Double double tuck. 1.5 to front layout full. 2.5 to front half. Arabian double front half out.

Jacob Moore, vault: Tsuk double full.

Sam Mikulak, floor: Double front pike. 2.5 to double front. Front double full to front tuck full. Flairs, up through handstand twice. 1.5 to front full. Stuck triple full. A couple of hops where there won’t be later on in the season, but a decided hit for Sam to end this first night in Vegas.

Marvin Kimble, pommel horse: Superb set. Keep his composure on one-pommel sequence that could have gone wrong but didn’t. Then he, like so many others tonight, loses it just before his dismount. Marvin can’t believe it.

Yul Moldauer, high bar: Kovacs. Hop 1.5. Triple twisting double back. Spins like a top in the air. Great landing. Yul competed that as a kid but has only recently put it back in his routine.

Riley Loos, parallel bars: Falls swinging into the center. Still, a kid with a future. Was in fifth place heading into this final rotation, which is already an achievement.

Kanji Oyama, floor: Falls on first and second passes. Oops.

Shane Wiskus, rings: Falls out of handstand late in the routine. 1.5 twisting double tuck to end.

Donnell Whittenburg, floor: Double double layout. 2.5 to front layout full. Triple full. Russians. Rudi. Double double tuck. Arabian double front half out. Formidable way for him to end. There’s something still a bit uncut about this routine, which lacks a bit of polish. But you can’t argue with tumbling passes like those. As ever, Whittenburg is full of potential.

Bailey Perez, parallel bars: Clear hip mount. Diamadov. Gienger. Unique hecht half turn back tuck dismount, the same used by John Roethlisberger years ago.   

Standings after night one:

  1. Yul Moldauer, 84.5

  2. Sam Mikulak, 84.45

  3. Allan Bower, 82.35

  4. Genki Suzuki, 82.3

  5. Robert Neff, 81.8

  6. Sean Melton, 81.75

  7. Akash Modi, 81.5

  8. Colin van Wicklen, 81.1

Full results: USA Gymnastics