Quick hits: 2019 American Cup

Rotation 1:

Leanne Wong (USA), vault: DTY, very very nice! Teeny little hop. Hello world! Excellent start for her. 14.666.

Mai Murakami (JPN), vault: DTY with a sizable hop back. Good everywhere but could have been a little better. Even Mai thinks so. 14.333.

Grace McCallum (USA), vault: Easy-looking DTY, hop back. Well done. Legs crossed in the air if you want to be nitpicky. Came on the table a tad high. But really, a nice vault. 14.566.

Sanna Veerman (NED), vault: Great Yurchenko 1.5 with just a tiny hop forward. Bravo! 14.1.

Rotation 2:

Ellie Black (CAN), bars: Toe Shaposh, uprise to Tkatchev. Taktchev, Jaeger, Pak. Toe Khorkina II to full turn, toe on front half dismount. After all that struggle in podium training, experience pays off. Good for her! 14.266.

Celia Serber (FRA), bars: Toe Shaposh to Pak, Ray. Toe blind and misses her pike Jaeger. Too bad, but good form overall. 10.666..

Grace McCallum (USA), bars: Wieler. Stalder Shaposh. Tkatchev. Pak. Toe Khorkina II. Toe stalder to toe full to full twisting double back. She didn't attempt any of the connections she's been training, but it was a clean, safe routine. McCallum seems quite happy with her 14.2. Sure, it could have been better, but better to go to beam happy than frazzled. 14.2.

Lu Yufei (CHN), bars: Jump to high, Tkatchev to Gienger, good. Blind to full spin to pike Jaeger to Pak, holds on to it. Toe shoot to nearly dead hang. Full twisting double tuck with a big step forward. Rolls her eyes as she walks off. 13.3.

Lee Yunseo (KOR), bars: Solid routine (some deductions for missed handstands) with Pak, pike Jaeger, toe Khorkina II, full twisting double tuck dismount. 13.6.

Kim Bui (GER), bars: Jump to high, hop change, pike Jaeger to Pak. Toe Shaposh, Bhardwaj. Toe Khorkina II, Toe full, close, to Gienger. Full twisting double tuck, nearly stuck. Excellent routine! 14.4.

Leanne Wong (USA), bars: Inbar stalder to inbar Shaposh to Pak to stalder Khorkina II, couldn't have asked for better. Stalder blind ot Jaeger. Toe full to giants to STUCK double layout. Wow! 14.1.

Sidenote: What is so impressive about Wong so far is how well she's hitting under pressure. And how much better those routines were in the competition after some little problems in podium training.

Mai Murakami (JPN), bars: Toe stalder to toe Shaposh to inbar Gienger, blind to pike Jaeger, hop to Jaeger. Toe full to bail to toe shoot to high, sticks the full twisting double tuck! She wants to win this. Not finish second. Win. 13.933.

Tim Daggett cannot believe that Wong and McCallum are tied after two rotations. "They're not going to tie," he says, with meaning.

Rotation 3:

Sanna Veerman (NED), beam: Punch front mount. Bhs, layout. Side aerial, small wobble. Switch to jump full turn. Side somie, bigger wobble but holds on. Goes for a switch three quarters and has to grab the beam. Stuck 1.5 twist dismount. 12.166.

Leanne Wong (USA), beam: Middle splits mount. Switch, straddle. Bhs, layout, layout, wonderful! Full turns in combo. Switch ring. So calm up there, much like Kyla Ross. Front aerial to ring jump. Side aerial. Side somie, first little wobble of the set. Then triple full dismount! 14.066.

Mai Murakami (JPN), beam: Switch leap mount. Front aerial to switch. Front pike, solid. Bhs, layout, nice...and comes off on her double wolf turn! Uh-oh…13.233.

Ellie Black (CAN), beam: Switch leap mount. Double turn to full turn. Front tuck. Bhs, layout to two feet. Switch to switch half. Side somie. 2.5 twist dismount, small hop. Well done for Ellie Black! 13.8.

Rotation 4:

Celia Serber (FRA), floor: Full in tuck, steps out of bounds. Straddle full. Wolf turn. Double pike. Punch front to double twist. I suppose what you'd call "showy" choreo and music. 12.6.

Sanna Veerman (NED), floor: Nice opening sequence! Arabian double front, very nice. Not a natural ballerina but this routine is choreographed well. Double tuck. 1.5 to front layout full. Then hands down on her double full! Too bad! 11.833.

Kim Bui (GER), floor: Lovely double layout! Tourjete full. Double tuck, hop back. Stylish routine, a real pleasure to watch. 2.5 to front pike. Double pike with a shuffle back. Very well done. 13.233.

Mai Murakami (JPN), floor: Her iconic routine...triple turn, a little overdone. Double double tuck. 2.5 to front layout full. Double pike, stuck! Well, a good way to finish for her. 14.133.

Ellie Black (CAN), floor: Straddle full. 2.5 walkout to double tuck. Front double full to punch front. Double full. Such an invigorating routine, and she carries it off so well. 13.233.

Grace McCallum (USA), floor: Double double tuck, small hop to the side. "Hava Nagila" epic film 10,000 extras cut. Front layout to front double full, good! Very nice triple twist, maybe a shade underrotated tho. Double tuck, hop back. Total success. 13.866.

Leanne Wong (USA), floor: WOW! Perfect Arabian double pike to single stag. Wow! 3.5 twist! Beautiful again! Now this is a debut. 2.5 to front layout. Triple full to end, step back. Phenomenal. #AmericanCup champion! 13.933 feels a little light but the judges probably took a little on the landings of her second and fourth pass. No matter. Still basically perfection.


1 - Leanne Wong, USA, 56.765
2 - Grace McCallum, USA, 56.465
3T - Mai Murakami, JPN, and Ellie Black, CAN, 55.732
5 - Kim Bui, GER, 54.199
6 - Lu Yufei, CHN, 51.699
7 - Sanna Veerman, NED, 50.765
8 - Celia Serber, FRA, 49.798
9 - Lee Yunseo, KOR, 47.866