Quick hits: Doha World Cup finals, Day 1

Maria Paseka of Russia.

Maria Paseka of Russia.

Men’s Floor:

Xiao Ruoteng (CHN), FX: Randi, stuck, nice. 2.5 to front layout half. Rolls out of double double tuck, not enough rotation. Oops. 5/2 to 2/1 front. Flairs. 2/1. 3/1 with a step back. 13.166.

Ahmet Onder (TUR), FX: Double double layout, stuck, really nice. 1.5 to Rudi, slightly untidy landing. Full in to end. 14.266.

Alexander Shatilov (ISR), FX: Front double pike, tiny hop. 2.5 to front 2/1. Good high double double, stuck. 1.5 to front full to Rudi, good. 2/1. Full in to end, stuck. A lot of stick in that routine, very good. 14.633. Happy birthday Sasha!

Carlos Yulo (PHI), FX: Beautiful running front double front pike half out. Amazing 2.5 to Randi, stumbled a bit on landing but so much air! 3.5 to tuck half. 2/1. Front 1/1 to front 2/1. 3/1, small hop. 14.266.

Jonathan Vrolix (BEL): The surprise of quals...Front 2/1 to double front, small hop. Front double pike, stuck cold. 2.5 to front layout half, small hop. 1.5 to front 1/1. Didn't see last pass, alas.

Rayderley Zapata (ESP), FX: 1.5 to front double pike, springy. Front double pike half out. Same thing tucked. Double Arabisn half out. Double full, bounces upwards on landing. High 2.5 to front half. Double layout with a couple of steps. He has the highest hurdle you’ve ever seen in your life. Interesting technique. 14.433.

Emil Soravuo (FIN), FX: Great high double double tuck. 1.5 to front 2/1. 2.5 to Rudi, stuck. Double full. Front layout, front layout half. Triple full. A testament to the 2014 Youth Olympian's form that with significantly less diff than many others he makes these finals. 14.233.

Chris Remkes (AUS) has hurt his left knee landing his triple double layout on floor. Poor guy! It was an awkward landing. He's being attended to on the floor. No doubt that's an ACL injury via the replay — bone went out and seems to have gone back in. But that hurts a lot.

GOLD - Shatilov
SILVER - Zapata

Women’s Vault:

Coline Devillard (FRA), VT: Terrific handspring Rudi. Looked great in the air, just a step back. 14.933. Then DTY with another step back. But looks so clean in the air, well done! 14.166. 14.549 average.

Maria Paseka (RUS), VT: Cheng, lands offline and hops to the side. Bent legs in the air. Was better in qualification. 14.433. Amanar, STUCK. Wow. Best Amanar of her career, that. 15.1. 14.766 average.

Emily Thomas (GBR), VT: Yurchenko 1.5, step to the side but very nice in the air. 14.033. Tsuk full, basically stuck, tiniest of hops. 13.666. 13.849 average.

Marina Nekrasova (AZE), VT: Sits underrotated Tsuk 1.5. 12.333. Nice handspring front pike full, offline on the landing and a step to the side. But otherwise quite good. 14.1. 13.216 average.

Jade Carey (USA), VT: Very good Cheng, but rather a lunge backward. 15.066, excellent. Second vault: DTY, same step on landing. 14.7, 14.883 puts her first so far! In the Carey vs. Paseka battle, Carey takes this round.

Alexa Moreno (MEX), VT: Rudi, ground comes up a little fast for her, chest low and rather big step forward. 14.4. Tsuk double full, another big lunge back. Other than that, a nice vault.

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB), VT: Tucks her Rudi down from the block. Just didn’t get the push she needed at all - hand placement looked off from the beginning. 13,866. Second vault is Tsuk 1.5, stumbles sideways a bit on the landing but good in the air. 13.866 for second vault and 13.866 total.

Gabriela Janik (POL), VT: Replacement for Marcia Vidiaux of Cuba, who withdrew from the final. A head taller than every other finalist. Tsuk full with a step. 13.666. Handspring front tuck full, very high, just a hop on landing. 13.766, 13.716 average.

GOLD - Carey
SILVER - Paseka
BRONZE - Devillard

Pommel Horse:

Harutyun Merdinyan (ARM), PH: The 2016 Olympian gets through his Busnari and Russians between the pommels without breaking his swing. Tiniest of struggles in the handstand pirouette dismount. 14.666.

Kohei Kameyama (JPN), PH: Begins with a beautiful scissor to handstand. Very nice flairs sequence. Fights determinedly through the dismount — someone wants to go to Tokyo! 15.4. Well!

Kaito Imabayashi (JPN), PH: Being cheered through this routine by his teammates and coach, it sounds like. He’s less fluid than Kameyama in my opinion, but hits this routine and then launches into a podium party the likes of which we haven’t seen yet today in Doha. 15.3333/6.8.

Lee Chih-Kai (TPE), PH: Gorgeous work from the flairmaster! Hit routine. Seemed to me he clipped his foot early in the routine, but it didn’t deter him at all. The only pommel horse routine in which the crowd was applauding midway through because those flairs are so cool to watch. 15.4 ties him with Kameyama at this point.

Stephen Nedoroscik (USA), PH: Comes off with about a quarter of the routine left to go. Looked great to that point. Finishes well. 13.966.

Zou Jingyuan (CHN), PH: Rather disconcerting to see him on another event besides parallel bars! He's not bad here, but misses his hand placement and comes off pretty early on. Falls a second time later.

Filip Ude (CRO), PH: Legs apart on Russians between the pommels and drops off later. Filip looks none too happy about this. The third competitor in a row to come off the horse. Falls a second time, too. 11.633.

Saeedreza Keikha (IRI), PH: An opportunity for him here -- and he takes it! Excellent routine, fast flairs, terrific dismount. Keikha is delighted and should be. 15.133.

GOLD - Lee
SILVER - Kameyama
BRONZE - Imabayashi

Uneven Bars:

Jonna Adlerteg (SWE), UB: Clear hip pike Tkatchev, Pak, Shaposh to Bhardwaj, Maloney to uprside clear full to Tkatchev, double layout with a hop. 14.216.

Diana Varinska (UKR), UB: Falls to her back on her Tkatchev half. Doesn't repeat the skill, just gets up and dismounts with a full twisting double tuck. 12.4.

Nina Derwael (BEL), UB: Nabieva, Ricna half to Ezhova to stalder Shaposh, Bhardwaj, toe Shaposh half, toe 1/1 to full twisting double tuck, finished twist high above the bar. 15.033.

Fan Yilin (CHN), UB: Terrific stuff from the two-time world champion. A very different routine from Derwael’s, but impeccably executed. Only thing is a step back on her Fan dismount. 14.933.

Anastasia Ilyankova (RUS), UB: Clear hip pike Tkatchev. Toe Tkatchev halt to Ezhova. Stalder Shaposh to Pak. Toe Shaposh half. Toe full to full twisting double tuck, small shuffle. 14.7.

Yumika Nakamura (JPN), UB: Toe full to Gienger, pike Jaeger. Jaeger. Bail to toe shoot to toe hecht to high, full turn, giants, double pike. Impeccable execution but lacking in some of the more intricate combinations of some other others.

Kim Bui (GER), UB: Pike Jaeger to Pak, Maloney to Bhardwaj, toe Shaposh. Toe full to Gienger. Stuck full twisting double tuck dismount. Been waiting for her to stick that! 14.0.

Martina Rizzelli (ITA): Ricna to Pak, Maloney to bail to Ray. Toe blind to front giant. Toe full. Full twisting double tuck, very nice landing. 13.016

GOLD - Derwael
BRONZE - Ilyankova

Still Rings:

Ali Zahran (EGY), SR: Pull to planche. Maltese. Victorian cross, hard! Maltese. Iron cross. Planche. Groans audibly with the effort of pulling his full twisting double layout (a little pikey if you’re picky), but sticks the dismount. 14.433.

Samir Ait-Said (FRA), SR: Iron cross, pull to Maltese, planche. Pike Yamawaki to tuck Yamawaki to Maltese, nice! Spontaneous round of applause for that. Iron cross. Full twisting double layout, tiny hop. 14.633.

Marco Lodadio (ITA), SR: Looks slighter than some of the others, but don’t be fooled: Planche. Maltese. Maltese again. Tucked Yama to piked Yama to iron cross. Planche. Roll to cross. Stuck double double tuck. Big happy reaction from Marco! Strength, power and elegance says the commentator. Agreed. 14.7.

Vahagn Davtyan (ARM), SR: Pull to planche. Maltese. Iron cross. Pike Yamawaki to Maltese. Iron cross. Planche. Full twisting double layout, basically hangs on for the stick. Completely different reaction from the celebrating Lodadio, absolutely somber as he walks away. 14.825 moves him into the lead.

Artur Tovmasyan (ARM), SR: Maltese. Tucked Yama to piked Yama. Roll to iron cross. Pull to Maltese. Full twisting double layout with a step to the side. 14.833.

Lan Xingyu (CHN), SR: Roll to planche. Magnificent Maltese. Planche. Piked Yamawaki to iron cross. Tucked Yamawaki. Maltese. Iron cross. Double double tuck, again also stuck. Was it enough? 15.1.

Ibrahim Colak (TUR), SR: Planche. Maltese. Planche. Tucked Yama, piked Yama. Iron cross. Roll to iron cross. Stumbles out of front double pike but celebrates anyway. Good for him! 14.5.

Courtney Tulloch (GBR), SR: Pull to Victorian (angles). Wonderful Maltese, however. Piked Yama. Planche, drop down to iron cross, sweet…and hands down on his double double! Not rotated enough. Aargh.

GOLD - Lan
SILVER - Tovmasyan
BRONZE - Davtyan