Play-by-Play: 2019 Birmingham World Cup, Women's All-around Final

Aliya Mustafina of Russia.

Aliya Mustafina of Russia.

Rotation 1:

Riley McCusker (USA), VT: DTY, hands down, just not enough lift off the horse. Great form, though. She does that occasionally in warmups, and it’s quite early in her season, so perhaps it’s not too surprising to see it happen in competition. 13.133.

Nagi Kajita (JPN), VT: Yurchenko full, zero push off the table, lands short but keeps it on her feet. 13.033.

Carolann Heduit (FRA), VT: Poppy Yurchenko full, good in the air but again not the surest of landings, almost an ankle twister. Seems to be catching here, these landings. 13.366.

Liu Jieyu (CHN), VT: Yurchenko full, comes off to the table veering to the right, small hop forward. Best landing we’ve seen so far. 13.033.

Aliya Mustafina (RUS), VT: Her daring DTY, two small steps backward, some form in the air, but frankly great to see. More confident than in Stuttgart a week ago, too. 14.366.

Leah Greisser (GER), VT: Very nice handspring front pike, basically stuck. Okay, tiniest of hops. But really nice.

Victoria Woo (CAN), VT: FTY, well done, small hop back. Best delivered FTY yet here. 13.666.

Ellie Downie (GBR), VT: Great powerful DTY — a little too much power, frankly, big hop back, then smaller hop back. But goodness, in the air it was fabulous! 14.3. Worth it for the best vault seen so far, landing notwithstanding.

Thais Fidelis (BRA), VT: Tidy FTY, small hop. Could be just a little more extended, but really, she did her job. 13.566.

Rotation 2:

Nagi Kajita (JPN), UB: Nabieva! Nice. Pak salto. Toe Shaposh half. Stalder blind, legs split very long on that, to Jaeger. Drops off on a pirouette gone wrong. Very low full twisting double tuck, nearly touches her hands down. 11.766.

Carolann Heduit (FRA), UB: INbar full to Maloney. Uprise Ricna, nice. Inbar Tkatchev to Pak (leg form), toe Shaposh half. Blind to pike Jaeger. Double front with a step back. Nice set from the 15-year-old from Angers! 13.9.

Liu Jieyu (CHN), UB: Maloney to clear full to Tkatchev and comes off. Second fall on pike Jaeger. Full twisting double tuck dismount. 9.933.

Aliya Mustafina (RUS), UB: Stalder 1/1 to Maloney to Pak to toe Shaposh half, stalder blind to pike Jaeger. Toe 1/1 to full twisting double tuck, small hop combined with a small sigh of relief. 14.366.

Leah Griesser (GER), UB: Toe full to Maloney to Bail to stalder 1/1 (out of handstand) to Ray, a bit of a dead hang, stalder full to toe blind to pike Jaeger. Double front dismount, small hop. Leah runs off the podium smiling. 12.566 — fair, given some built in form deductions.

Victoria Woo (CAN), UB: The Birmingham crowd thinks Victoria’s last name is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard. Shaposh to clear full. Toe stalder. Bail to toe shoot back to high. Clear hip blind to pike Jaeger that ends as a straddle Jaeger (hmmm), double layout with a hop. Well. 12.033.

Ellie Downie (GBR), UB: Off on toe full, her first element. Eek. Starts again: toe full to kip to Maloney to uprise Tkatchev. Falls again on pike Jaeger! Hmm. Pike Tkatchev, Pak salto, toe Shaposh half, double layout with a hop forward. 10.5. Ellie blows kisses.

Thais Fidelis (BRA), UB: Maloney to Pak. Toe SHaposh half. Blind to pike Jaeger. Tkatchev. FUll turn. Easy double tuck dismount. Composed exercise. 12.233.

Riley McCusker (USA), UB: Stalder 1/1 to Maloney to uprise Tkatchev. Ricna to Pak. Toe Shaposh half. Blind to front giant to her excellent Fan dismount. 14.4.

Rotation 3:

Carolann Heduit (FRA), BB: Roundoff, bhs mount. Side aerial to layout stepout, small hesitation but all right. Switch to split to back tuck (fall). Balance check on double wolf turn. Switch ring. Front aerial, split, bhs. A little rough on some of her transitions, but an impressive roundoff, bhs, double pike dismount, landed with a couple steps back. 11.666.

Liu Jieyu (CHN), BB: Back dive mount. Switch ring. Bhs, back tuck, tentative landing but doesn’t come off. Front aerial to split jump. Small check after double turn. Split half. Switch, wolf. Double full with a step backward. 12.2.

Aliya Mustafina (RUS), BB: Well, she only needs 10.2 to go into the lead, so if an 11.6 disaster happens again like last week in Stuttgart she’ll still lead. Switch half. Ring jump. Side somie. Bhs, layout, balance check but not a bit problem. Double turn and jumps off. Fight, Aliya, fight! Split to side aerial. Front aerial, fights for it. Split jump to…arm movement. Switch, wolf. Double tuck, small step. Well. Better than last week in any case. 11.866.

Leah Griesser (GER), BB: Jump to splits mount, oohs from the crowd. Off on bhs, layout. Switch to switch half. Front aerial. Side aerial, small hesitation. Side somie, another tiny hesitation. Interesting dismount combo: Valdez, bhs, 1.5 twist. 11.3.

Victoria Woo (CAN), BB: Back dive mount. Bhs, layout, excellent. Front aerial to split. Double turn. Side somie. Split half. Side aerial. Switch to scissone. 2.5 twist with a step forward. One of the only truly solid routine we’ve seen yet on beam. 12.6.

Ellie Downie (GBR), BB: Switch leap mount. Side aerial. Switch to switch half. Front tuck (fall). Nearly comes off again on double turn and PEOPLE IN THE ARENA ARE SCREAMING. Bhs, layout, wobble, more screams. 2.5 twist dismount, deep squat and step, but hangs onto it. 11.5.

Thais Fidelis (BRA), BB: Bhs, layout, layout, lovely. Switch to split half. Front aerial, split, bhs. Split ring leap. Side aerial. Punch front. She really knows where the beam is, and is making sure to put her feet down on all her skills. Double tuck dismount, small hop. Along with Victoria Woo, best routine we’ve seen yet. Beam so far as been a fallfest. 12.933.

Riley McCusker (USA), BB: Middle splits mount. Humphrey turn. Wolf double. Split leap to front aerial to straddle jump. Bhs, layout (falls). Switch to switch side, misses her foot a little but stays on. Side aerial, split jump, back tuck, wobble. Bhs, bhs, double tuck dismount, hop back. Riley takes a drink of water, looks at the camera and shrugs as if to say, “Well, what happened happened.” 12.166.

Nagi Kajita (JPN), BB: Roundoff, layout to two feet (fall). Beam has been brutal today. Front aerial, pause, split, wolf. Bhs, layout, pulled it back on but could have easily come off. Switch ring. Full turn with leg at head. Switch. Side aerial. 2.5 twist with hops to the side. 11.366.

Rotation 4:

Liu Jieyu (CHN), FX: Triple full, a little underrotated, step forward. 2.5 twist to call it a front pike. Switch half. Pretty piece of music. Triple turn. Double tuck, step back. Sticks her double full to end. 12.7.

Nagi Kajita (JPN), FX: 1.5 to Rudi. Beautiful Mustafina turn. Dramatic tango music. 2.5 twist. Double turn with leg in amplitude. Switch ring to Tourjete half. Double tuck. 12.833.

Ellie Downie (GBR), FX: 1.5 to Arabian double front, huge, gorgeous, small hop forward. Open double tuck — that’s usually a double double, but good idea to save herself for Euros and not risk things under the spotlights here. Split jump full. Double pike, hop forward. Switch side half, a little wonky.

Leah Griesser (GER), FX: Enchanting routine, a beautiful fusion of music, choreo and expression. Double tuck. 2.5 wtwist. Wonderful double turn in amplitude to illusion. 1.5 to front layout 1/1. She really does justice to the music, and moves in a very special way. A treat to watch. 12.8.

Victoria Woo (CAN), FX: Double layout, small hop back. Double turn with leg up. Switch to switch full. Triple turn. Punch front to 2.5 twist. Another lovely routine, expression-wise. Double pike, stuck. Very nice routine. 12.8.

Thais Fidelis (BRA), FX: 1.5 to Arabian double front, steps out of bounds. Open full in tuck. Double tuck. Switch ring to split ring. Double pike. Very dramatic symphony music. 13.1.

Carolann Heduit (FRA), FX: Whip to double tuck, small bounce out of it. Double pike. Double turn with leg up. 2.5 to muscled punch front. Chase movie music. Double wolf turn, double turn with leg at head. Double full. Dramatic closing pose, a bit Ivana Hong-like. A routine not completely void of deductions, though for the most part she acquitted herself well. Needed 12.9 to assure her a medal, gets 12.7.

Riley McCusker (USA), FX: New floor routine for Riley! Cello music, a bit playful, a bit dramatic, suits her long lines very well. Full in tuck, stumbles around a little on the landing. Front 2/1 to front tuck to stag jump. Double pike. Double tuck, hop back. 13.366.

Aliya Mustafina (RUS), FX: Beyonce’s “I’m a Survivor” and a medley of other things. Full in today, all right. Double turn. Double tuck, hops out of it. Double turn with leg at head. Switch ring. 1.5 to front layout 1/1. Double full. 12.966.

GOLD - Aliya Mustafina, RUS, 53.564
SILVER - Riley McCusker, USA, 53.065
BRONZE - Thais Fidelis, BRA, 51.832
4 - Carolann Heduit, FRA, 51.632
5 - Victoria Woo, CAN, 51.099
6 - Leah Griesser, GER, 49.799
7 - Ellie Downie, GBR, 49.333
8 - Nagi Kajita, JPN, 48.998
9 - Liu Jieyu, CHN, 47.866