Play-by-Play: Men's qualifications at the 2019 European Championships, Subdivision 2

Men's AA after 2.JPG

Subdivision 2, Rotation 1: Expect big things from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Britain, Turkey and Switzerland as this exciting subdivision unfolds.

Yordan Aleksandrov (BUL), FX: Good double double tuck to open. Front 1/1. Etc. 13.366.

Vahagn Davtyan (ARM), SR: Wonderful positions. Stuck full twisting double layout. 14.766 moves him into first place on this event so far.

Adam Steele (IRL), PB: Super cool little back flip element after a peach to open up his routine. Overcooks his Tippelt, alas. Several steps back on his double front tuck dismount, alas. 11.066.

Eddy Yusof (SUI), SR: 13.666, puts him fifth right now.

Nicola Barolini : Yama. Tkatchev. Blind Front stalderwork. Little bit of a stumble on a turn, just a tiny bit unsure of himself. Good double double layout dismount, tiny hop forward. A nice very clean routine although one with just a Yama as a release is a bit weak. 12.7.

James Hall (GBR), VT: Tsuk 2.5 with a step forward. Clean in the air, just the step. 14.366.

Carlo Macchini (ITA), HB: Kolman, well done. Yama. Great full twisting double layout, stuck. Another explosion from the Italians.

Joe Fraser (GBR), VT: Tsuk 2.5, legs a trifle bent in the air, hop forward. Powerful.

Nils Dunkel (GER), VT: Tsuk double full. Again a little bit of leg form and a step on the landing. 13.733.

Andreas Toba (GER), VT: Tsuk 2.5, well done.

Vladyslav Hrynevych, (UKR), PH: Stops after his first element but doesn’t fall. Does fall later on, however.

Oleg Verniaiev (UKR), PH: Scissor to handstand. Circles. Good Busnari. Circles on one pommel. Little leg separation but nothing seriousl. Again on the Russian travels but he stays on. Good finish. Hit routine, more or less. 14.1. Amazing considering what he’s been through to get here.

Jonathan Vrolix (BEL), FX: Front double pike, hops forward and out of bounds. Terrific stuff otherwise, just textbook. Sticks his Arabian double front dismount. A final seems questionable given the first pass, but maybe because everything else was great he will make it after all. 14.3 puts him second right now…

Vladyslav Polyashov (RUS), PB: Solid and smooth routine with a bit of everything. Terrific front straddle somie toward the end, lots of height. Front double tuck half twist dismount, stuck. One of the best things seen all day. Demonstrated real mastery all the way through.

Dmitry Lankin (RUS), PB: Falls on…a half turn? Oops. 13.533.

Loris Frasca (FRA), FX: Front 1/1 to Randi. 2.5 to front 2/1, a little short and takes a step to the side. Great flairs sequence, something a lot of the guys don’t do on floor anymore. Double front. 1.5 to Rudi, windmills his arms several times to hang on for the stick. 3/1 to end with a hop. Not bad at all overall.

Andreas Toba (GER), PB: Beautiful routine from the German veteran. Diamidov skills, including a one and a quarter pirouette onto one bar, are the highlight.

Rotation 2:

Marian Dragulescu (ROU), VT: His namesake vault, awesome as always, just a step back on the landing. The only place where Dragu kind of shows his age is that he’s no longer the sticking machine he once was, even on this vault, which he’s done thousands of times, over no less than 20 years. 14.6. Second vault is a roundoff, half on, front double full off and falls. 13.95. Well darn.

Some Dragulescu perspective: some of the men's gymnasts competing here were born in 2000, the year Dragulescu competed at his first Euros. Respect.

Eddy Yusof (SUI), VT: Makes his Tsuk double pike, step forward. Nice job as he had some problems with it in podium training the other day.

Fabulous floor set from Nicola Bartolini (ITA). His attention to detail is superb. Everything was wonderfully done (and stuck). He also does an unusual thing in a pretty press handstand combination. Beautifully stuck triple full to end. 14.466 takes the lead on floor, and deservedly so.

Christian Baumann (SUI), VT: DTY, hop back. Not bad at all.

Igor Radivilov (UKR), SR: Smooth, excellent routine.

David Vecsernyes (HUN), HB: Notable for his dismount, a full twisting double layout over the bar. Looks like a Cassina attempt, but is actually a dismount.

James Hall (GBR), PB: Peach. Two Gienger skills. Inside Diamidov. Stutz. Falls on uprise double front dismount. Shouldn’t keep him out of the AA final, however.

Vladyslav Polyashov (RUS), HB: Does a Yamawaki off the top of his routine and splits his legs, which makes everyone go, “Did he mean to do that?” He does another actual Yama later in the routine, either to make up for the first one or…maybe he’s trying to do the straddle as some sort of original skill? Hard to say. 13.533.

Ahmet Onder (TUR), VT: Dragulescu to his hands and knees. Awww.

Ivan Stretovich (RUS), HB: One armed giant. Great Tak full to Yama — we see so many of those that when one is really well done as his is, it stands out. Tucked Kovacs. Tak half. Layout Tkatchev. Tkatchev to Tkatchev half. Double double layout with a small hop. His first international competition since Rio.

Rotation 3:

Eddy Yusof (SUI), PB: Strong routine with a lot of diverse elements. Double pike is landed a little low and results in a step forward but otherwise it was very good. 13.666.

James Hall (GBR), HB: Cassina. Kovacs. Kolman. Yama. Tak full. Tak half. Hop full. Double double layout, small hop forward. Kovacs master. 14.2 puts him fourth so far.

Igor Radivilov (UKR), VT: Amazing Dragulescu, just a tiny hop on landing. That’s what comes of training a handspring front triple — two with a half twist becomes easy. 14.833. Second vault: Tsuk double pike, shuffle back but otherwise great. Igor’s happy with it, pumps his fists. Final for sure.

Cassina. Kolman, well caught. One armed giant. Tak full. Front stalders. Double double layout with both twists done on the second flip, unusual.

Ivan Stretovich (RUS), FX: Double front tuck half out, stuck. Double double tuck, tiny movement on landing. Front 2/1 to front full. 2.5 to Rudi with sizeable hop back. 1.5 to front layout half side pass. Triple full to end, small hop. Very nice. 14.433.

Didn’t see it, but Ferhat Arican of Turkey got 15.033 on parallel bars to move into the lead. Teammate Ahmet Onder follows up with a 14.866 to move into second at this point. Turkey = p-bars team.

Dmitry Lankin (RUS), FX: HUGE triple back to open, hop back. Incredible. 2.5 to front layout 1/1. Quad full. 2.5 to front 2/1. Front layout to Rudi. Triple full to end, tiny little hop. Awesome. 14.6 moves him ahead of Italy’s Nicola Bartolini for the lead on this event, and beautiful as Bartolini was, this was deserved.

Filip Sasnal (POL), HB: Yama. Offline on his hop 1.5 and does a couple crooked giants. Gets in trouble later in the routine and has to hop off. Sticks his double double layout dismount, though.

Konstantin Kuzovkov (GEO), FX: Beautiful opening stuck double layout. 2.5 to front layout half, small hop. Front 1/1 to front 2/1, cross step tp the side. Double full. Ooh, nearly collapses on his press handstand however. Triple full with chest low.

Rotation 4:

Christian Bataga (ROU), B: Yama. Tak half (angle). Tkatchev. Stalder full. Hop 1.5. Hop full. Double double tuck, shoulders too far back, has to take two big steps back to keep it on his feet.

Joe Fraser (GBR), FX: Double double tuck. Front 2/1 to front half. 2.5 to Rudi. Double full. Roundoff, full twisting double tuck, small hop back. Strong routine.

Ivan Stretovich (RUS), PH: One fall. 13.033.

Loris Frasca (FRA), VT: Tsuk triple, just a hop back. Very nice in the air, efficient twist. Second vault is a Dragulescu but he falls! Hmmmm. A few of the guys who you’d expect to be in finals on vault have fallen today, notably Dragulescu. With Frasca doing the same, the final opens up a little — or maybe someone will actually qualify with a fall.

Vladyslav Polyashov (RUS), PH: Hit routine with lots of flairs. Well done. 14.566 moves him into the lead on pommels!

Oleg Verniaiev (UKR), PB: Front somie. Peach half. English handstand, front Diamidov out. Tippelt. Inside Diamaidov. A little shaky on a couple of elements but honestly nothing to really deduct from. Double front half out dismount, small hop. Great routine all things considered. 14.9 puts him second to Arican right now.

Rotation 5:

Eddy Yusof (SUI), FX: Double double tuck, small hop. Front 2/1 to front half. 1.5 to Rudi. Double full. Full in. Nice set.

Joe Fraser (GBR), PH: Hit routine. 13.533.

Christian Baumann (SUI), FX: 2.5 to front layout. Arabian double front. Very nice flairs sequence. 3/1 to end.

Maksym Vasylenko (UKR), HB: Cassina, has to kip out of it. Kolman. Kovacs. Double double layout.

Vladyslav Hrynevych (UKR), HB: One fall.

Antoine Borello (FRA), PB: Hits his foot on a rail on a Diamidov type skill, slowing his momentum, but he doesn’t fall.

James Hall (GBR), PH: Even better hit set. 14.133.

Denis Abliazin (RUS): Pike Yama to planche. Iron cross, done twice. Giant. Double double layout, step forward. The Olympic bronze medalist on this event delivers a good routine when it matters. 14.633 for fifth so far. Final? Wait and see.

Nicola Bartolini (ITA), VT: Tsuk 2.5, very nice in the air but a sizable step on the landing. Does a second vault — DTY? Well landed too.

Ahmet Onder (TUR), FX: Double double layout, very nice! Front 2/1 to front layout half. Double double tuck, stuck. Landed so lightly! 2.5 to front layout 1/1. 1.5 to Rudi, small hop. Onder really has something on floor — good mechanics but also an increasing amount of elegance. Full in, small hop back. Great routine. The men’s floor final is going to be terrific. 14.5 puts him second right now.

Antonois Tantalidis of Greece is having a bad day on high bar — two falls.

Marian Dragulescu (ROU), FX: 1.5 to Randi. 2.5 to front 2/1 to front layout 1/1 — great pass. Double front half out. Double double tuck with a step back. Double full. Triple full with a step forward. And a little airplane move off the floor. Those hops and steps on his landing are going to impact his score, but it’s cool to see him innovating and outdoing everyone else still — watch in a year how everyone is doing 2.5 to front 2/1 to front layout 1/1.

Rotation 6:

Joe Fraser (GBR), SR: Tucked Yama (small struggle maybe?) to piked Yama to planche. Front giant. Double double tuck dismount.

Dmitry Lankin (RUS), VT: Randi, well done. Makes it look easy (it’s not easy.) 14.8. Second vault is a Tsuk 2.5, landed with a step forward.

Loris Frasca (FRA), HB: Tak full to Yama. Really nice Tak full. Stalder. hop full. Blind to front stalders. Tak half. Very smooth on this event. Double double layout, stuck. Nice job!

Denis Abliazin (RUS), VT: Randi, great. Absolutely great. It wasn’t great in podium training, but it’s great now. 14.9. Tsuk double pike, makes it easily, just a step back. Good for him! 14.8 is his final score — and puts him in first place on vault. Well well well.

Fall off the pommel horse for 2016 Armenian Olympian Harutyan Merdinyan, who waited five apparatus to do this routine. So no final for him unless something really strange happens…

Nicola Bartolini (ITA) ends his day on parallel bars with a

After two falls on high bar, Antonois Tantalidis of Greece redeems himself with a very nice floor exercise, including stuck double front side pass. Great landings on almost everything, actually. Only exception is his last pass, a 3/1, where he shows some helicopter legs and takes a step forward. But everything else was terrific.

Marco Sarrugerio (ITA), PB: Another beautiful routine from Italy, capped with a stuck double pike dismount. The Italian team is for real, guys. 14.166 puts him in sixth place on p-bars currently.