ZHao Shiting

Zhao impresses, Ferrari makes golden return as Melbourne World Cup concludes

Chinese newcomer Zhao Shiting had a breakout moment as the only multi-medalist on the final day of competition at the Melbourne World Cup in Australia.

In her World Cup debut, Zhao, 15, showed star power in winning the balance beam title (beautiful roundoff layout; front aerial, split jump, Korbut; switch to split ring jump, double full dismount) and on floor exercise, where she tumbled a triple full, 2.5 to front pike, double tuck and double full for bronze despite a fall on the double tuck. Zhao did it all with a little help from friend and teammate Fan Yilin, winner of the bars title in Melbourne, who stepped in to act as coach in the absence of Zhao’s own personal coach, who was not sent to Australia.

Sixteen months after rupturing her Achilles tendon during the floor final at the 2017 World Championships, Italy’s Vanessa Ferrari took gold for a dance-infused new floor set that also included double layout, full in and front full tumbling passes. Puerto Rico’s Paula Mejias showed a 2.5 to punch front, Arabian double tuck and whip to double back for silver.

Like Georgia-Rose Brown on Saturday, Australia’s Emma Nedov gave the host country something to cheer about with silver on balance beam, her first ever world cup medal (two back handsprings to layout; front aerial, split, scissone; switch ring: punch front; double pike dismount.) Japan’s Mana Oguchi, one of a slate of emerging Japanese women set to compete at world cup events this year, won bronze (punch front mount; switch ring; bhs layout; front aerial; ring jump; front layout full dismount.)


Balance Beam

1. Zhao Shiting, China, 13.566
2. Emma Nedov, Australia, 13.500
3. Mana Oguchi, Japan, 13.066
4. Elena Chipizubov, Australia, 13.033
5. Lai Pin-Ju, Chinese Taipei, 12.433
6. Eom Do-hyun, South Korea, 12.400
7. Valeriia Osipova, Ukraine, 11.233
8. Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbekistan, 10.533

Women’s Floor Exercise

1. Vanessa Ferrari, Italy, 13.600
2. Paula Mejias, Puerto Rico, 12.533
3. Zhao Shiting, China, 12.266
4. Emma Nedov, Australia, 11.833
5. Lai Pin-Ju, Chinese Taipei, 11.733
6. Valeriia Osipova, Ukraine, 11.633
7. Aida Bauyrzhanova, Kazakhstan, 11.000
8. Ting Hua-Tien, Chinese Taipei, 10.566